Auspicious symbols of Buddhism in Tibetan Jewelry

One of the most easily identifiable characteristics of Tibetan jewelry is its religious symbolism. In the Tibetan culture, various jewelry pieces are worn as amulets that are believed to bestow the wearer with the blessings of Buddha. There are eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism that are used in Tibetan jewelry. Most of these symbols can be traced back to popular religious icons used in the Indian culture. These include the parasol or the chattra that is a symbol of Buddha’s sovereignty and the power of the spirit and the golden fishes that are believed to be harbinger of good fortune.

The symbol of treasure vase used in Tibetan jewelry is also known as kalasha. It is understood to bless the wearer with spiritual power and material wealth. The symbol of Lotus or padma is a sign of purity – both mental and spiritual, whereas the endless knot indicates the unfathomable wisdom of Buddha. The symbol of wheel, victory banner and the conch shell is also popularly used in Tibetan jewelry.

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