About kundan ornaments

kundan ornaments, jewelryKundan jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry art still prevailing in this part of South Asia. The kundan jewelry sports a royal look and that is the main reason why many people prefer using the kundan jewelry.

The art of kundan jewelry originated mainly in Jaipur, but with it spread all around the country. There are many wonderful styles of the kundan jewelry. The four most famous art forms of the kundan jewelry are the Ghadai, Puwai, Meenakari and Jadai. Each of these styles has their own trademark by which you can identify them.

Kundan jewelry uses a lot of colorful and contains intricate designs on the body of the jewelry. This is the main reason behind the wide popularity of this jewelry form among the people. You can get all these jewelry styles in the nearest jewelry store. You can select from the wide range of designs available that suit you the most.

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