A perfect bridesmaid’s gift: diamond tennis bracelet

Right from the time when eminent tennis star Chris Evert wore a dazzling diamond bracelet on her hand at a grand slam tournament the diamond bracelets have received its affiliation of tennis with it. If you are planning to wear such bracelets to complete your look as a perfect bridesmaid then you must make sure that your diamond bracelet is beautifully embedded with variety of precious stones like sapphire, ruby or emeralds because generally the color of white diamond gives a magnificent contrast to such stones with rich pigments.

If you are worrying about its price then we shall remind you that on the basis of the quality and size of your diamond the price of your tennis bracelet is fixed. Princess, square, round and many more shapes are given to diamond that are to be studded in the tennis bracelet, though many people prefer having small diamonds when it comes to tennis bracelets.

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