A guide to purchasing Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite Jewelry, gems stonesLabradorite is a very popular gem stone which is used in making jewelry. It is one the most sought after stones and there are reasons behind the popularity. The specimens become mostly in an opalescent blue shade which is very attractive and when light falls, they pleasingly shimmer. They have a semi translucent property which makes them different from the dull appearance of most stones like lapis lazuli, jade or turquoise.

The best specimen of the stones would show an iridescence that would exhibit vivid shades of bright aqua, golden yellow, reddish orange, peacock blue, green and red. The natives of the area of Labrador were of this belief that the lights from the northern region were trapped in the local rocks. The legend claimed that most of the light was set free by one warrior with a blow from his spear but it still remained in these stones. It is considered that the stones bring good luck.

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