An engagment ring gift for the love of your life

Engagement rings are worn by women as a symbol of acceptance of a proposal for marriage. This ring is given by the man who proposes marriage. It is one of the most special things a woman can have. This is special because it gives a feeling to a woman that she is the chosen one for her man. In most countries across the globe, engagement rings are exchanged by men and women at a ceremony before marriage.

In countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark and India, both men and women wear these rings as a mark of official announcement of their relationship. In earlier days, an engagement ring was meant to be just a band of gold. With the passage of time, things changed and the market introduced many variations. The simple band of gold got fancy. Today, you would find a huge variety of these rings in the market. Women are fond of having a diamond as their engagement rings. Beautifully designed diamond rings and solitaire look splendid and make the occasion memorable for the couple.

The Origin

The introduction of engagement rings dates back to the year 1215. This was the period when Pope Innocent III declared that couples to be married should maintain a waiting period. To adhere to this law, people used an engagement ring to officially mark their relationship in the public. This ritual soon began to be accepted in different cultures all across the globe.

Wearing the Engagement Ring

In most cultures across the globe, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger or the fourth finger of the left hand. The significance of this ritual lies in the belief that the fourth finger of left hand is home to ‘amoris’. The term ‘amoris’ is also referred to as the ‘vein of love’. This concept is very romantic.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and unity among couples. These have always stood the test of time. If you are getting engaged in the near future, it is the right time to search for an engagement ring. You can search online for some of the most interesting collection. You can choose from a wide variety of these rings as per your budget and requirements. Engagement ring is a lifetime possession. Hence you need to choose one with great care. Make sure you research a lot prior to making a final decision.

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