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How to Clean Costume Jewelry

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Costume Jewelry tips

Costume jewelry is so pretty, and usually cheaper than the real ornaments. We all love to wear them. What we don’t love is when it starts feeling gritty, kind of like sand and turns funky in different colors. Let’s back it up. Costume jewelry can be silver or gold plated too, with gemstones, beads and with fake diamonds too. Costume jewelry usually consists of inexpensive metals and stones than those found in different real jewelries made out of precious metals and gemstones.

Never the less, many of the pieces of costume jewelry are still precious and valuable, either in sentimental value or monetary value, or perhaps we can say in both. Moreover, costume jewelry made up of metals and stones are often less durable in nature than those found in finer types of jewelry. You will require the gentle methods of cleaning different costume jewelry. It is important to know about different methods of cleaning these pieces of costume jewelry properly without damaging them will set your mind at ease.

Costume jewelry cleaning Methods:

  • The dry method of cleaning the costume jewelry is one of the safe ways to clean old jewelry, since many wet or moist cleaners might leave behind a film or might even cause a lasting damage to your jewelry.
  • It is important to find a workplace with good lighting effects while cleaning the costume jewelry. Overhead lights in the dark room are likely to help you in casting shadows and should be avoided. It is advisable of looking for a desk with a lamp that you can direct or a clear counter is best in front of a window.
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    Toothpick used for cleaning Costume Jewelry

    Use a soft brush or a dry baby toothbrush for gently brushing the costume jewelry’s surface. Applying this step will help you in removing any dirt caked on to the surface of the jewelry.

  • Hold a can of compressed air an inch or three away from the surface of the piece of costume jewelry and spray it well. This will help you in loosening any dust or dirt that might have trapped in the crevices of the costume jewelry. Now inspect your costume jewelry by using a magnifying glass. Look and observe effectively for any additional trapped dirt.
  • Use a small stick or a toothpick for carefully removing any dust or dirt you spotted with a magnifying glass. It is advisable for avoiding the use of a metal pick, since it might be one of the causes of scratching the soft gemstones or the glass beads if you hand slips.
  • Polish the piece of costume jewelry by using a soft and dry cloth. Doing so will help you in removing the smudges or fingerprints while giving your costume jewelry back a bit of its original shine.
  • You can also use the gentle cleaning solutions that are specially designed for cleaning the costume jewelry. If you observe any grime that does not come off even after dry cleaning it, step things up a notch by using a gentle cleaning solution suitable to your jewelry.
  • Start the process of cleaning by mixing a part of soap with three parts of Luke warm water in a small glass or bowl for storing it. It’s advisable using a gentle soap solution, since harsher soaps might contain harmful chemicals that might be one of the causes of damaging your costume jewelry.
  • Make the use of soft bristle baby toothbrush. Dip it into the water and soap solution prepared. For any alternative use, you can also use a cotton swab for enjoying better comfort of cleaning. Tap the toothbrush on the sides of the bowl or glass for removing excessive solution. It is important to know that using least amount of solution on the costume jewelry will help in retaining its beauty and finish.
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    Brush used for cleaning Costume Jewelry

    Gently brush the beads, metal and gems of the jewelry with the cotton swab or brush. Apply light amount of pressure for avoiding any loosening effect of enameling or glue. It is important to rinse the costume jewelry under the Luke warm water. It’s advisable of performing this step as fast as possible. Because Luke warm water can even damage the costume jewelry, so you must not immerse it for too long under the water.

  • Gently blot the excess of moisture observed on the jewelry, by using a piece of dry and soft cotton cloth. You can also lay of the jewelry on the paper towel that is easily available in the market. And finish the drying by using a hair dryer. Use the dryer’s cool setting, since there might be chances that the heat pressure might damage the charm of your jewelry.
  • At the end polish the piece of costume jewelry by using a piece of dry and soft cotton cloth. If both the gentle cleaning process and drying method fails in fully cleaning the stuck grime on the surface of the jewelry, it is advisable of shifting to a string cleaning product for cleaning your costume jewelry.
  • You can clean it by obtaining a non-acetone nail paint remover or you can make the use of using a gentle cleaning solution for your jewelry. It is important for always reading the label on the jewelry cleaners. Many of them are not appropriate, rather say not suitable for jewelry.
  • Because they might contains the ingredients of alcohol or vinegar. It is advisable of only using the cleaners when it states that it is totally safe for cleaning the costume jewelry.
  • Pour a small quantity of nail polish remover or acetone and a cleaner into a bowl or glass. Make the use of cotton swabs and dip it into the solution you prepared. It is advisable of soaking it as little as possible. Tab the cotton swab on the sides of the excessive solution that might be harmful for your jewelry. Tab the cotton swabs on the sides of the bowl for removing the excessive solution.
  • Gently scrub the solution of the beads and gems mounted in the jewelry. Rinse it properly with Luke warm water and yes your jewelry is ready for use.