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3 Ways of Cleaning your Gold Rings

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Unlike silver ornaments, gold doesn’t accumulate a dull tarnished as the time passes. But gold can easily attract and accumulate the grime and dirt while using it regularly. It is very important to restore the shine and the actual finish as before because its perfect shine will help you in leading a perfect gold ring. Not only the gold rings but to shine your precious bracelets and necklaces, you will need the help of few household equipment and ingredients. There are many ways that can help you in cracking the process of cleaning your gold rings. Just follow the given ways below for e joying the best results of cleaning your gold rings.

Cleaning your gold rings ways:

  1. Cleaning your gold rings by using a dish wash

Gold ring washed in a dish wash

Dish wash solution used for cleaning the Gold ring

Take warm water in a bowl and add few drops of liquid dish wash in it. mix it thoroughly and gently. Want to use ordinary tap water? It works fine but for better outcomes, it is advisable of using warm water that offers better cleaning. for even better results of cleaning your gold rings, use club soda or sodium free seltzer water.

The effects of this water help in removing the accumulated dirt and grime on the surface of your gold rings. It is advisable of not using hot or boiling water because many a times it is observed that the gold rings contains fragile precious stones. Opals, and expensive stones can even crack due to the extreme temperature of water.

Dip the gold jewelry into the solution prepared. Allow your gold rings to settle in the water say for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. As the gold rings will be soaked into the water, it will start reacting with it and it will start making its way into the curves and cracks observed in your ring.

It works best for reaching those buildups that are hard to clean by using the art tools. Start scrubbing and cleaning your gold ring gently by using a soft bristle tooth brush. Scrub each and every piece of gold ring. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the crannies and nooks where the possibility of accumulated dirt is observed. It is advisable of using a soft brush bristle so that it doesn’t damage your gold ring and the precious stones attached to it. Stiff bristle can scratch the upper surface of your gold ring. Chances of even peeling and damaging the gold layer are possible if you are using a stiff brush.

Special types of brushes are designed for cleaning the gold jewelry. Now it is time to rinse the gold rings, it is advisable of rinsing it on running warm water. A good rinsing process will help you in removing the lingering dirt that has been loosened by applying the solution. If you are cleaning your gold ring in a sink, make sure to cover the outlet for not letting any precious part of your ring flow away.

Let the gold ring set on the towel for some time for air drying it totally before you start wearing it again. It is not advisable of wearing your gold ring if it is wet because it will attract moisture that will affect your skin.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring by using Ammonia

Gold ring cleaned by using Ammonia

Ammonia used for cleaning gold ring

Ammonia is a powerful solution but chemically it can be treated as caustic in nature. If planning of cleaning your gold rings more often by using ammonia, you should avoid this treatment. Because using it more can cause damaging effects to your gold rings. Well, ammonia works as good candidate for deep cleaning that too occasionally.

Ammonia is sometimes harsh to the jewelry, so there are chances of damaging certain metals. If you gold ring contains the elements of platinum and pearls, not using ammonia is advisable for cleaning your gold rings. Take a bowl and add Luke warm water say for six parts. Add one part of ammonia to it and stir it well. For having an even mixture, stir the prepared solution gently.

Soak the gold rings into the solution prepared for no more than one minute. Don’t let the gold ring settle in ammonia for longer time because it can damage the shine and finishing. Ammonia can slightly be corrosive in nature. For quickly removing the gold rings from the solution m, use a kitchen strainer as you use it while cooking pasta. Rinse the gold ring under the running water but don’t for get to cover the drainage pipe with the help of lid. Make a use of soft polishing cloth and allow having an air dry.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring using tooth paste

Tooth paste used for cleaning gold ring

Gold ring cleaning – tooth paste

It is advisable of following this method of cleaning your gold ring tooth paste with proper care. Because it might be possible that it can damage or scratch your gold ring. As it is the form of chemical that cleans your teeth. It might leave a firm stain on the gold and stones attached to it. If you are still in doubt, it is advisable of trying a gentler method instead of following this way of cleaning your gold ring.

Take a bowl, mix a small quantity of water and tooth paste. Squeeze about an inch of tooth paste into a bowl and mix one or two tablespoon of water in it. Make it a fine and light paste. It helps in loosing up the grimes and layer of dirt accumulated on the top surface of your gold ring. Using this way of cleaning your gold ring in a frequent manner will not at all damage you gold ring. But it is advisable of cleaning it quickly while performing it. Scrub it well before you start rinsing it.

Make the use of an old brush and scrub gently on the surface of the ring. If you notice any scratches, stop immediately for not damaging your gold ring more. Rinse with generous amount of running water because many a times it becomes difficult to remove the tooth paste used for cleaning your gold rings.