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Tips on Buying Earrings to Wear at Work

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

buying earrings to wear at workWe all know that, women have tendency to show off and present themselves in a better manner in front of people. Their showing gestures are different and unique which is very difficult for men to understand. No wonder they are so fond of wearing jewelry that they decide to wear it in accordance to the situation. But wearing those heavy types of jewelry at work place is probably not possible to comply with. So buying earring to wear at work is important thing which every woman must comply if they are planning to work.

Gaudy jewels are not the type which you must wear at your work place. Well, this article will help you to get better understanding about things which must be considered at the time of buying earrings to wear at work. There are certain things which must be keep in mind at the time of buying earrings to wear at work.

Buying earrings to wear at work

  • Which design or shape will suit your face

Finding for the shape of your face, decide which earring will suit your face and which pattern to take into consideration. There are versatile shapes available in the market through which you can shape up you face. If you have round face than do not get round earrings because of round earrings will give bad impact on your face. Buying earrings to wear at work is important thing.

  • Choose from jewelry section only

It is more advisable to select the jewelry from the work section of jewelry. Because they have the better designs and patterns which will definitely going to suit your face and the price accuracy will be the better thing which you must get at the time of buying earring to wear at work. It is advisable to find and get such earrings which are small in size and attractive too.

  • Wear gold

Buying earrings to wear at work is important thing because it is going to change your face look as well as enhance your confidence. And in accordance to my perception, gold metal is considered to be the best type earrings which will be more suitable on your face. It not only adds elegance but will make your face alive and live. As we all know that gold is suitable in all kind of skin tones, it will be considered to be the best choice of earring if you are selecting for your office wear.

  • Avoid large earrings

As you are going to buy earrings to wear at work, it is advisable to choose such kind of earrings which are smaller in size. Small sized earrings look more elegant and cute on every face where it is worded. As gold is considered to be the most loved metal by women, you must definitely go for small gold earrings which are available in the market. If you are selecting it as your working wear, than you are going to the best side of your wearing sense.

Types And Styles Of Rings

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

RingsEvery single type of ring has special importance and significance. There has been varied range of styles of rings since ancient times to these modern days. You just need to explore the world of rings. Ring is such an accessory which is very fashionable and classic. It can be used by both men’s and women’s. Rings can be classified in two ways one is their symbolic meaning and other is the type of their styles. In general most of the people think of the engagement ring in first instance and the other beaded rings are classified later on. There also prevail other types of rings which come for special occasions and events since the history till today. Here are some of the types of rings.

  • Classic Rings

Classic rings are such which are worn by the students in general to signify or symbolize their achievement. It is also worn to depict their honors and also commutate their graduation generally in colleges, universities and high schools. The design of classic rings is like a metal band with such a pattern of your school mascot or having a centre stone which represents the color of your school. According to the tradition student should wear the classic ring in right hand on the third finger. But it’s not compulsion, you can wear you classic ring on any finger of any hand or you can also wear on a neck with a simple chain. If a boy friend gifts a classic ring to his girlfriend than it indicates that he wants to be with her exclusively.

  • Promise ring

Promise ring is also seen from the perspective of pre wedding ring in certain cases. In any relationship, a promise rings stands for commitment and vows. Men and women both can give a promise ring to each other. When you give a promise ring to your beloved make sure that he or she knows exactly what this ring is and what it signifies. The traditional gem stone used for promise ring is pearl. Apart from pearl, small and pretty diamonds has also become one of the popular choices. Diamond is becoming popular because it is the symbol of true and eternal love.

  • Engagement ring

Engagement ring is one of the most important and precious ring in any person’s life. It is the symbol of two person sharing bond of love for the rest of their life and engagement ring is the first step towards it. Engagement ring is traditionally given by a man who is intending to marry. Engagement ring can be of any gemstone, style or color. It totally depends upon your personal choice. But diamond rings are more prevalent for engagement rings.

  • Wedding ring

Wedding is a symbol that the person is married. It is usually worn on the left hand, third finger. It is wore by both men and women. This is specifically wear in left hand third finger because people believe that it is connected to the heart. These are usually made out of gold or platinum.

Types Of Jewelry

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

JewelryJewelry is one of the most prized possessions of any woman. It’s like they feel incomplete without jewelry. The tradition of decorating self with jewelry and making you look adorable is very old. It is approximately 5000 years old. This tradition is still going on and in today’s time it has become more vigorous than before. The art of making delicate and gorgeous ornaments is prevalent since historic times. There is some or the other jewelry for each of the body part say neck, nose, ear, hands, legs, fingers, waist, hair etc.

There is a tradition of matching the jewelry with the attire. While considering any jewelry, theme, design and color are given much preference. To make jewelry more adoring, it is decorated with gems, stone and diamonds. In previous time, the heavy jewelry was in trend but now trend has changed. Jewelry made up of platinum and white old are much popular among people. Here are some of the types of jewelry which are among the top ones chose by people.

  • Antique Jewelry

The jewelry not existing in the mainstream production and also the mode of its production is also not in existence are considered to be antique jewelry. This antique jewelry is rough and dull in look but it has the old world time of charm and these acts as the major USP in selling that jewelry. Antiques are always rare and limited and thus they are in demand.

  • Bead jewelry

Bead jewelry is thousands and thousand years old. In fact it is prevalent since Indus valley civilization. People of that time used to make jewelry out of silver, copper, clay, gold, ivory and even wood. Since that only bead is very popular.

  • Bridal jewelry

You get only one chance to become bride and on that auspicious day you also want jewelry which suits and highlights this occasion. Jewelry made up of superior metal and super quality which multiples the beauty of bride is bridal jewelry. For a matter of fact these days silver and platinum jewelry are gaining more popularity but still gold holds it prime position for bridal jewelry.

  • Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry indicates jewelry of personal choice. Any customer when gets a jewelry prepared according to their own interest and fantasy then it is called custom jewelry. This generally is preferred when the taste of customer does not match up with the readymade jewelry. In case of custom jewelry customer has the total freedom to get the jewelry of their own choice and specifications.

  • Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry also refers to as costume jewelry; this is because fashion jewelry is not made up of heavy, expensive and precious stone and materials. Instead it is made up of cheap and light material. Fashion jewelry is never stagnant in fact it is trend based and it keeps on changing with the latest trends.

  • Gold jewelry

This is the most popular type of all jewelry. It has its own significance and status. Apart from beauty and looks perspective it is a safety in times of crisis because of easy liquidity.


How to Clean your Pearl Earrings

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

cleaning your pearl earingsEarrings are considered to be the most fascinating thing, or the ornaments which is loved by everyone. And if your beloved is unhappy or angry by you, you just need to gift them precious earrings which are like a wow factor for them. And the earrings are of pearls, that gift is considered to be the best gift for your loved ones. Yes, pearl earrings are having such type if impact which is loved by everyone. The design, its glow, the sophistication by wearing it, etc are some of the things which the people love about pearl earrings. But only purchasing it and gifting it is enough? Cleaning your pearl earring is another important task which you must comply with.

There are many other things which must be considered by the people who are wearing the pearl earrings so that the glow and its charming shine does not gets dull and still looks the same as you have gifted and purchased it now. So cleaning your pearl earrings is very essential which every person must consider at the time of maintaining it. This article will help you top get accessed about how to clean your pearl earrings which you are wearing in your routine or can be said as your loved earrings.

Cleaning your pearl earrings

  • There are different methods of cleaning your pearl earrings which you can learn by this article and mark my words cleaning your pearl earrings is simple process which you can attain or keep in action by your own.
  • As pearls are considered to be very delicate and expensive it is advisable if cleaning your pearl earrings on a regular basis, so that its glow and charm does not get dark and ugly. The same things must also be repeated over here, you must accumulate all the things which will need for cleaning your pearl earrings. This will help you to get accessed in a simple manner and on a quick basis with the process of cleaning your pearl earrings.
  • Get a bowl and add water to it, now add the solution which you can easily in the market regarding cleaning your pearl earrings. You can also go for the home remedies or the methods which you can easily access on the internet. Now add the mild soap or the solution in the water.
  • After adding this mixture, add up your pearl earrings in that water. Wait for a while and then clean your pearl earring in water. After this remove them from the solution and rub it gently with the help of the cotton cloth so that it maintains up with the shine and the charm of your pearl earrings.
  • As the pearls are considered to be having the delicate nature, you must not continue with the process for more time. Otherwise there are chances rather than cleaning your pearl earring will be turned to damaging your pearl earrings. So it is advisable to comply with the process of cleaning your pearl earrings on a quick base so that it does not gets damaged.

How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Engagement ringUndoubtedly engagement ring is precious for every couple. It’s a ring which you admire for your whole life. Engagement ring is the symbol of love and commitment, and the beautiful life you are going to spend together. It is very enduring and it must be beautiful and valuable. If anything happens to your engagement ring then it will surely break your heart. Rather than economical value there is a sentimental value attached to engagement ring. Thus it is very essential to take proper care of your engagement ring and not let it fade with time. Along with keeping your love intact and bright also keep the symbol of your love, your engagement ring bright. Like your love don’t let your engagement ring fade with time. Here are some of the tips on how to take care of your engagement rings.

  • Handling

For maintain your engagement ring it’s very important that you handle your engagement ring properly. Make sure you always pick it up by its band and not by the stone or design of it. When you pick it from stone and design, the oils and dirt of your hand gets attached to it and fade in long run. Apart from dirt, this thing will also help to keep the setting of stone or gem or design intact in its place.

  • Metal

The engagement rings of platinum and gold will not tarnish but there are chances of them of getting scratched in the long run. Some people don’t pay heed on it. But it is simple thing can be fixed easily. If desired, just a simple polish can bring your engagement back to its original appearance. Usually gold is soft metal as compared to platinum and thus polishing and repairing gold engagement rings is inexpensive and can be done by any minor jewelry store. Scratches can also be removed by jewelry specialist if you intend to get it removed.

  • Storage

If your engagement rings are of diamond then it is generally hard metal and if kept with other rings it can damage other jewelry also. Thus each and every piece of jewelry should be stored separately. Especially when things come upon storing engagement ring then it should be given proper importance and kept it in a soft fabric pouch or a jewelry box and protect your engagement ring from other jewelry pieces.

  • Chemicals

It is obvious thing that every woman wears her engagement ring on a regular basis throughout her life. There are various common chemicals which are around your house and affect your engagement ring on daily basis. Chemicals such as hair spray, furniture polish and such other cause things have a capacity to cause long lasting damage to your extremely special engagement ring. Thus while going through any of these things make sure you remove your engagement for that point of time. Even while using chlorine or bleach or hair dye remove it and keep it aside for keeping the beauty of it for long time.

How to Clean your Rose Gold Jewelry

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

rose-gold-jewelryRose gold! I know you might be thinking that what are we talking about but there are different types of gold available in the market and the common ones from those are the yellow and the white one. But the supplies states that there are many things which must be considered at the time of buying the rose gold jewelry and not only that but maintaining it is also very important which every person must keep in mind at the time of cleaning your rose gold jewelry. Rose gold is a popular and stylish kind of jewelry which increases the glance of the people who all are thinking of buying it.

But according to me only purchasing and investing for rose gold jewelry is not enough but proper cleaning of your rose gold jewelry is just too. If you will not clean your rose gold jewelry in a proper manner, than at the time of selling it, the price which you will get by selling it cannot be adequate for you. And will not sum up and you might be not satisfied with the amount which you have got by selling your rose gold jewelry. This article will help you to know more about how to clean your rose gold jewelry by your own.

Cleaning tour rose gold jewelry

  • You might be thinking that cleaning your rose gold jewelry would be big task and comparatively difficult for you to take into action but not it is not at all like that. These further discussed steps will help you to solve up with your problem which you have arrived at the time of cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • First of all take a bowl and get prepared with the ingredients which you will need for cleaning your rose gold jewelry. This will help you to get better things for cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • Now line up the bowl in a line and cover it with the aluminum foil. Now you need to heat up the foil so it is advisable to add hot water to the foil. This will help; you to keep the water warm till the time you are not completed with the process of cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • Now add up all the ingredients which you will be needed for cleaning your gold ornaments. Like mixing salt, baking soda, and dish soap in the hot water which you have added to the bowl. And just remember one thing that te foil paper which you have adjusted in your bowl, the shinny part of it must focus on the upper side of the bowl where the hot water is stored.
  • After doing all these procedure, mix well all the things which you have added to the water and add the rose gold jewelry which you have been selected for cleaning. Leave all this ornaments for say five to ten minutes in water and let the solution work upon the its process.
  • After this process, take off all the ornaments from the water and rinse it with cold water so that all the dirty solution which has been stuck upon gets cleaned. This way will help you to get better cleaning of your rose gold jewelry.



How To Clean White Gold

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

White goldWhite gold has become very prevalent for wedding bands and engagement rings. There are many people who will wear gold only if it is white. This is because of its shine and its finish. White gold does not come naturally; it is a man made thing. White gold was introduces as an option for platinum. But gradually it became very popular and people started opting for it even more than platinum. As discussed earlier, white gold is not natural and hence it becomes part and parcel of white gold things to be kept clean and maintained regularly. If you want to maintain the luster and shine of white gold, you must remove the lotion residue, dirt and soap on a regular basis so that the surface of white gold does not get dull.

It’s good that cleaning your white gold is not that difficult, it’s your choice if you want to take it to any professional jeweler for cleaning but if you can take out 15 minutes every month for your one of the prized possession then it’s really easy to clean with just with few of the materials which already exist in your home. Here are some of the tips to clean your white gold yourself only.

  • Collect all supplies of white gold cleaning

Collect warm water, bowl, baking soda, a soft brush, mild dish soap and a clean towel. Also keep a colander handy just in case you need it. If you find it necessary then purchase a cloth which is designed specifically to clean the jewelry instead of using towel. See the jewelry closely which you are intending to clean if there are any loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this for your own good so that you don’t have to regret at the end that you lost any stone or gem while cleaning.

  • Soak the white gold in mixture of soap and water

Take warm water in a bowl and add some of the drops of drops of mild dish soap and give it a stir. Insert your white gold into it and let it soak for 15 minutes to loosen up any built up of dirt or any other thing. Insert a timer for taking your jewelry out as forgetting to take it out and leaving it as it as for longer period of time can damage your jewelry to great extent.

  • Clean your white gold with soap and baking soda

Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Take a soft brush and apply that onto it and gently rub the brush on your white gold. Don’t rub it too hard.

  • Rinse the cleanser off the white gold

After applying the paste and gently cleaning it, wash it off with little warm water to clear the residue and dirt. Make sure you clean it properly as any residue left can dull your white gold and also attract more dirt towards it. Clean with soft hands with towel and dry it properly. After this process you just have to sit back and admire the beauty of your white gold.


Why do we Wear Jewelry?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

multiple jewelryYou might be thinking that what kind of question I asked to you right? But no, let me tell you there are many benefits of wearing jewelry as an accessory. Many of us wear jewelry without having a second thought in our mind that how wearing a jewelry began? Yea it is interesting to know right? Let me tell you some of the things which will make your interest enhance to know more about wearing the Jewelry. The history of it has been lasting since 75000 years ago which is a huge span of time which you can see.

In earlier time, jewelry means not only ornaments or any other ring, bracelets, necklace but many more things which have been changed as the generation and the time changed. People in o0l.d times use to consider the animal skin, elephant teeth, shells, pebbles, etc are to be jewelry and use to wear it and now you all know hat trend has been set for, there are innumerous things which are available in the field of jewelry like necklace, rings, toe rings, bangles, anklets, etc and you also know that the list is still growing. Many new patterns and designs are coming up for the people to wear it.

We all have the tendency of decorating more, if our basic needs are satisfied we always think that we must have different and unique things which will increase the glace of our apparel. So this concept of wearing jewelry prevailed. We all know the famous Maslow’s theory of hierarchy needs. So as we, we all have that needs in our life which never satisfies.

There are many different reason s of people that they like to wear jewelry like some of them wear it for fashion and style statement, some of them wear it to impress someone, some of them wear it for their social reasons, and whatever it is. There are many such reasons in accordance to the people which they can say as there reason of wearing jewelry. If we talk about the older century, they get fascinated by some of animal’s skin like let’s take the peacock, by only seeing it; we fall in for it and so in olden times, people use to use its feather for increasing their status and charm, in front of people. And there are many such things which I know you might not know before reading this article.

In ancient times, our ancestors made the jewelry as their symbol of self expression for themselves and so this procedure is still prevailing. You will definitely observe many of the people who are having rich status wearing big and costly jewelry which symbolize their status of having richness. This self expression is now like the status symbol for the people. Be expressive is the suitable words which is being used for such people who has the fantasy and think that jewelry will be co0nsidered as their status symbol. The design, the shape, the coast of jewelry, everything sums up with nothing else but the self expression of the person who wants that jewelry should speak their personality.                multiple jewelry

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Gold Jewelry

Monday, December 21st, 2015

GoldGold is such as precious metal and it is loved by almost all the people around the world. Gold ornaments are very classy to wear and apart from class, it’s a great hedge against when there is situation of inflation and falling market conditions. There is again a great benefit of having gold and it is that it has a great liquidity. Gold can be liquidated very easily all around the world. Gold depicts the prosperity, purity and opulence. But as gold is very precious thing and it’s a huge investment, we must be careful before buying gold. It’s essential to know well regarding the gold jewelry and there are certain specific things which you should know and you should be aware of before buying gold jewelry and ornaments. Gold has certain variations which affects its purity, price and quality. You should be aware about the design, gram weight and the purity of the gold jewelry you pick. Here are some of the important factors to be considered before buying gold jewelry.

  • Purity

When the question arises about purity, most of the gold things have a specific marking inside which indicates its cartage. If you think that you should purchase jewelry of pure gold then it is practically impossible as pure gold is extremely soft to use for jewelry. So it has to be mixed up with other metals like copper, silver, zinc and nickel. These metals give strength and durability to gold so that it can be given strength. The common carat options are 18k, 22k and 24k. Higher the number, higher will be purity of the gold you choose.

  • Price

The purity of the gold is the basic factor in determining the price of the gold. Along with the purity factors like the alloy it is mixed up with, and the skill and amount of labor needed into making that piece of ornament also matters a lot. If the extent of skill and labor will be high, then the price of making that ornament will also be accordingly.

  • Color

Gold has many variations in colors. Keeping aside the normal yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are also much popular. If your choice is little bit trendy, then you can have blend of two colors and two toned jewelry piece. Combining pure gold with different metals gives you a diverse and unique color palette. When gold is mixed up with metals like silver and palladium then white gold comes into experience. This white gold is very well prevalent for wedding bands in US. If it is mixed up with copper then it gives the soft pink complexion of rose gold.

  • Identification

In many of the countries, the law has a compulsion that every gold ornament should bear a clear stamp which indicates its carat. This identification is conducted through a hallmarking system. If you go to a branded jeweler then they stamp their jewelry themselves only and they display both their identification mark and carat and fineness of every single ornament.