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Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Caring your jewelryJewelry is the most prized possession for any women. It’s not only the monetary value which keeps it most prized it’s the emotions and the sentiments attached to it which makes it so much valuable and special. We always take care of our special things then why not of our jewelry. Here are some of the handy tricks to take care of your jewelry.




If you keep all your jewelry in same box, there is a chance that it gets scratched easily. So it is advisable to keep jewelry in its original boxes. Avoid contact of one jewel with other.


You can clean your gold and silver jewelry at home only. The thing you need to do is just to use mild soap, soft brush and warm water and gently clean your jewelry. After rinsing the soap with plenty of cold water and drying it carefully, your jewelry will look new again.

Special care for diamond and gemstone

Try to keep your diamond and gemstone jewelry away from extreme temperature changes. Also be careful you don’t hit them against any hard surfaces. Diamond is considered to be the hardest jewelry but it is indeed very fragile. One quality of diamond is that it cannot scratched but do remember that it can be broken. So be careful. Diamond jewelry and gemstones jewelry must be taken special care.

Keep enemies at bay      

Mercury is such a substance that can damage any noble metal permanently. Thus any contact with this substance should be avoided. But if this happens unknowingly then take the jewelry to any store in order to remove the mercury in the shop and the damage would at its minimum level. Sensitive jewelry that contains pearls and corals can also be damaged by hairspray, cologne and perfume. A wet cotton cloth and mild soap can be used to clean them.

White Gold  

It’s necessary to give a rhodium finish to white gold for getting its original characteristic of white color. The real color of white gold is grey as white gold of 750/000 is an alloy of fine gold, palladium and other metals so it’s important to give rhodium finish. This rhodium finish goes away with usage, time and contact. Thus for making it look new again it should be periodically be given for rhodium finish.

Keep away from water

It’s not advisable to get jewelry interlaced filament leather or fur wet. Simultaneously it is also not advisable to clean them with soap and with instead take them to professionals for cleaning.


If you are extra cautious about your jewelry, and if your jewelry is too expensive then we suggest you should have regular inspection of the gem setting of your jewelry specially bracelets and rings and also the strands of your pearl necklaces.

Avoid self repair

Jewelry should never be moved according to your choice. It should not be tightened, forced, twisted or snapped. If you want to take any changes or adjustment, you better take your jewelry to professional jeweler or store and make necessary changes.