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4 factors to consider while buying diamonds

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

buying diamondsBuying a diamond is quite a perplex procedure. Diamond is undoubtedly a huge investment for anybody- both financially & emotionally – and hence one must be very careful while purchasing diamond. Most importantly, you have to be careful about 4 factors or 4 Cs here- cut, clarity, color and carat. The foursome constitutes the most significant aspect of the stone.


The Cut part determines how good the diamond absorbs & mirror light. Better your cut is, more would be the stone’s sparkle. Don’t mis-take Cut as the stone shape. According to many, Cut is the prime-most factor among 4Cs. It determines beauty and brilliance of the stone and hence you should make sure to get the best possible cut. Cut itself could make the stone look bigger, enhance face color & mask inclusions (internal flaws). Thus a better diamond cut implies a free lift in all the other 3 aspects like color, clarity and carat. Diamonds that are well cut would flaunt intense scintillation & fire which could easily skirt inclusions under the sparkle.


Clarity is one of most vital factors to consider for diamond investment. Clarity of the stone refers to type or amount of internal flaws (inclusions) present inside it. Diamonds with lesser inclusions tested under 10 times magnification belong to higher grades.

Flawless diamonds are those that don’t carry inclusions or external blemishes & they belong to FL category. Diamonds with huge visible flaws are the ones with lowest clarity & are called 13. It’s best to go for diamonds within SI1 & SI2 ranges as these are eye-clean & carry good ROI. Do not ever get diamonds lower to I1 clarity as these are the ones with big inclusions visible to naked eye & might also lead to durability issues.


Color of diamond is generally rated on D-Z scale. D refers to a totally colorless version & Z is a prominent yellow. Diamond stones are available in almost all hues and colors such as brown, green, red, yellow, white and grey. Contrary to the populist belief, it’s basically near to impossible to get a diamond which doesn’t carry any color. You must know that colored diamonds could have a negative impact on light absorption which would mean compromise on the sparkle. Diamond is especially adored for its iconic sparkle and any miss here would render the precious stone almost meaningless. Thus, the colorless white diamonds are the most valuable and are a coveted use for jewelries. Next to white the best shades are red, pink, blue & orange. According to experts, your chosen diamond color should be within the D-F range.


Carat weight implies the specific measurement that determines how heavy your stone is. Do not mis-take carat weight as the physical dimension of the diamond.

In the conclusion it can be said that although you would be careful about the 4Cs mentioned above yet you should take care to buy the precious from a reputed jeweler strictly- to ensure an authentic buy. Your chosen jeweler should be backed by happy customers.