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Bridal ornaments to make the wedding perfect

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Bridal ornamentAre you about to be married and thinking about how to team up your jewellery with that beautiful wedding dress specially tailored for your wedding? Well, here goes on how to make the happiest day of your life unforgettable forever. The most vital part of wedding embellishments is the bridal jewellery. These are worn, flaunted and later passed on to the children and grandchildren. Hence it is important to make the correct decisions when buying the jewellery.

Bridal jewellery constitute of the necklace, a pair of long showy earrings, bangles of different kinds, bangles or bracelets and a lot of bridal rings for the fingers. The design of the wedding gown or ‘lehenga’ plays a very important role in deciding what kind of jewellery would go with it and weather flaunting a tiara and a couple of hair clips would be a good idea. If the gown is off shoulder then a lot of neck jewellery can be used to decorate the bride. An ideal wear here would definitely be a chunky choker. If the neck of the gown is small and round, a sagging and small neckpiece or a string of pearls would do an excellent job. If the neck is deep then big neckpieces would look gorgeous.

As far as earrings are concerned the long looped ones passed on by your dear grandma would be an excellent idea; the vintage chandelier earrings are not a bad idea at all too. These earrings look good with long deep necks or off shoulder dresses or strapless ones. Basically all dresses would look good when teamed with good old fashioned jewellery. Make sure the earrings don’t lie on the dress, shoulders or other ornaments. Pearl, platinum and crystal jewellery is the new ‘in’ these days Inspite of gold and silver being the common choice of many.

How to ensure proper care for your gem jewelries

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

gem jewelriesYour gem jewelries are certainly some of your fondest treasures and hence its only natural that you would always love to preserve them at their best. You must know that gem stones are really delicate and thus demand effective care. The article here is a short brief on how to ensure proper care for your gem jewelries.

You must be careful about the storage of your jewelry. You have to store in a safe place with moderate temperature-most of the gemstones cannot the extreme temperatures. Get separate boxes for gem stone based jewelries and other ornaments made from silver and gold. This will help to avoid any sort of scratching between the ornaments. The fine jewelries should be wrapped in cotton before you place them in your ornament box.

Always remember to take out the ornaments while washing or taking a shower. The soapy remains on the ornaments work to suppress the sheen and luster of the gem stones and dull the metals as well. You should make sure to remove your gem stone based ornaments prior to putting on make-up. The creams and powders leave on a residue on jewelries which badly affect the glam quotient of your treasured accessories. Abrasive cleaners too are very harmful for the gem based jewelries.

Never store the gem based jewelries in your safe for a prolonged span. It’s because there are some gems such as emeralds and opals that are hugely impacted by dryness. Thus, some of the jewelers advise to place a damp rag inside the safe while you are storing the ornaments.

You must visit a reputed jeweler once in a year for the annual checkup of the gem jewelries. The annual checkup will detect dullness and the loosening of the stones, ensuring a timely care and maintenance.

Silver Rings: A Popular Jewelry Piece Among Men

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Silver RingsMen generally do not like wearing jewelries. They like to be simple and look sophisticated. Women on the other hand love wearing jewelries and utilize jewelries to create a fashion statement. Men also keep a track of the recent fashion trends and look stylish. However, you will not see a majority of men wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. The two common jewelries that you will see men wearing are watches and rings. Men prefer jewelry made out of silver instead of gold.

Silver rings have become increasingly popular among the men belonging to different parts of the world. Rings made out silver can be worn by any man irrespective of his age because these look classy on anyone. Silver rings are loved by men because of their simplicity and affordability. You can even gift silver rings to your father, brother, husband, friend etc to show them your love, appreciation and friendship. Since men are characterized with qualities such as roughness and sturdiness, silver rings can be perfect for them.
Earlier, silver rings had very common and traditional designs. But as the demand for silver rings increased, the designs of the rings evolved and underwent radical changes. Today these come in different and dexterous designs and you have a variety of silver rings to choose from. You can get hold of silver rings for any and every occasion such as weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day etc. Silver rings are most commonly used for weddings because these give an ethnic and simple look to men.

Nowadays, the cost of gold is going on increasing at a tremendous pace because of which men turn to silver rings and other jewelry pieces made out of silver. Silver rings help men make a statement of richness and strong personality. These rings even symbolize authority and power which are closely associated with men.

The Wedding ornaments adorning the beautiful bride

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Wedding ornamentsThe bridal jewelry is surely one of the most significant aspects of your wedding embellishments. The wedding ornaments are one of the prized assets for any bride which she would love to flaunt and later pass on proudly as her legacy. Are you about the get married soon and looking for tips on your bridal jewelry? Well, the post below is a brief note highlighting on the bridal ornaments.

The most common bridal jewelries are a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings and the bridal rings. Some of the brides love to flaunt a tiara as well and ornamental hair clips too. The style of your wedding gown plays a vital part in determining the choice of your necklaces and earrings. If the wedding gown comes with a small & round neck, get a sagging and slim necklace. A single chain of pearls with a dainty pendant dangling from it would complement well with your small necked gown. If your gown flaunts big neckline, long necklaces are the perfect fit. In case you are taking to off-shoulder attire, you have a great liberty to get all ornamental with necklace. A chunky choker would be the ideal-most here.

Are you planning to put on the vintage chandelier earrings or long loop pieces that have been passed on by your grandma as your family heirloom? Well, the long vintage jewelries suit the best with the strapless dresses or the bridal gowns with low necklines. In case your bridal attire is designed with puffy sleeves, a short solid top would be nice to accentuate the overall look- the earrings shouldn’t lie on sleeves, ornaments or shoulders. There are a lot of options when it comes to bridal jewelry. Apart from the traditional gold, silver and diamond, the pearl and crystal jewelries are also gaining prominence in the bridal scene these days.