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Selecting the perfect engagement rings

Friday, May 31st, 2013

engagement rings, ringsWomen are not only attached to the beauty of engagement rings, but also the emotions that are attached to it. If you truly love someone, then you would love to give them an engagement ring. As easy as that sounds, it is actually not that easy. Buying the right engagement ring runs shivers through the body of the buyer as it is not only a tough, but a risky job. Most men think what if their lady love does not like the design that they buy?

Thus it is important to do a lot of planning and research before you raid the markets for buying the perfect engagement ring. Firstly you should know the personality and choice of your beloved. Having this information will ease your task to a great extent. If you are planning to get a diamond, then know about the styles, cuts and colors of diamonds. Most importantly remember to buy such a ring which is durable and long lasting, as engagement rings are something which is worn for a lifetime.

Imitation jewelry and its dos and don’ts

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Imitation jewelryThe price of gold is rising speedily and exponentially rising. It is becoming a grave problem for most people from the middle class family to afford enough of gold jewelries. Now what will you wear on a party? You need not worry much since the imitation jewelries are there to help you out. But then there are certain things regarding the imitation jewelries that you should keep in your mind before using these.

There are many types of imitation jewelries available in the market. But not all imitation jewelries are perfect for your skin. Many imitation jewelry contains certain harmful chemicals which cause skin problems. Most of the times, the color on the imitation jewelries also contain extremely harmful chemicals. These can even lead to skin cancer. So before you buy imitation jewelry, make sure you buy it from some reliable jewelry store. Also check the quality card provided by the manufacturer of the imitation jewelry.

If you go for imitation jewelry made by some local company, then you develop skin irritation, infection and many other problems after wearing the jewelry for long.

Modern Waistband Designs

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

waistbandWaistbands have evolved from utility belts in the ancient times. Later with the importance of the structure of the waist in women to signify greater feminist characteristics Victorian women started corseting from a young age to have really thin waists. Waistbands in the Middle East were mainly used by belly dancers and performers. In modern times the waistband has been exaggerated to be stylish low waist bands associated to short skirts and low waist trousers portrayed by celebrities worldwide.

Waistbands can basically be there to make the lower clothes of your body, many opt for regular waistbands and casing, in inner wear there are elastic waistbands and in women’s dresses there are the contoured waistbands too. Some modern techniques of using jewelry as waistbands have also come in were accessorizing the waistband with precious stones or just a thin film of precious metal is the trend.