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Top 5 ethnic jewelry items

Monday, April 29th, 2013

5 ethnic jewelry itemsJewelry items are the all time favorite for a woman. There are many types of jewelry items available in the market. With the change of time and taste of people, the ethnic jewelry items have become much more modernized and trendy. But still the ethnic jewelry items are now much in demand and many women prefer them over the fashionable trendy jewelers.

Mangalsutra, an ethnic jewelry item is in use from the very old days. It is a must during marriages. Nose rings are still now much in demand in the jewelry market. Various designs, shapes and sizes are available with the nose ring. While some women prefer going for a single button like nose ring, others go for big and stone studded nose ring.

Long ear rings were much in use in the earlier days. The present generation women started moving towards short and light weight ear ring. But in spite of it, when it comes to some prestigious occasion or event, women wear long and heavy weight ear rings which give them a royal look.

The ethnic bangles are much wide and heavy weight and some of them are even stone studded. Women today look for them in the jewelry stores in spite of the fact that there are many trendy looking available also. Though people think that the tiaras are a fashionable modern jewelry items, but they are in practice from the long days and form a very essential part of the ethnic jewelry items.

Jewelry for your eyebrow piercing

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

eyebrow piercing, fashion jewelryEye is one of the significant places in the human body. Utmost care should be taken towards the proper maintenance and healthy being of the eye. You give the eye an excellent appeal; eye brow piercing has become much famous these days. There are various types of eyebrow piercings and depending on the position of the piercing, you can use jewelry in your piercing to make it even more appealing.

A very popular variant of the eye brow piercing is the horizontal eye brow piercing in which the brow is pierced horizontally following the eyebrow line. This particular piercing enhances the shape of your eye. To make it look even more attractive you can use a variety of jewelries like curved barbells, bioplast barbells, banana bells, ring shaped bells, etc.

Spiral eyebrow piercing is also preferred by many people. In this particular style a series of piercings made in the eyebrow side by side and then spiral jewelry is passed through them to give them an even more appealing look.

How to maintain the shine of your gold

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

shine of gold, gold maintenanceIf you are an ardent lover of gold, then you should maintain your gold jewelry and items properly. You must have heard many people complaining about the shine of their gold items going off. To maintain the shone of your gold, you need to follow certain basic things.

If there is any such gold items which you don’t use regularly and which remain behind the closed doors of your locker, make sure to bring out those gold items and clean them at least once in a month. Don’t use any harmful chemicals for cleaning the gold items. Rather try cleaning the jewelry or the items with a piece of soft dry cloth. You can at best use little solution of some mild soap and clean the jewelry gently to give it a shine.

If the gold is much old and the shine is completely gone, it is better you give the gold to some jewelry shop and get polished. But avoid polishing the gold regularly and at short interval of time since it may lead to the erosion of gold.

About kundan ornaments

Friday, April 12th, 2013

kundan ornaments, jewelryKundan jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry art still prevailing in this part of South Asia. The kundan jewelry sports a royal look and that is the main reason why many people prefer using the kundan jewelry.

The art of kundan jewelry originated mainly in Jaipur, but with it spread all around the country. There are many wonderful styles of the kundan jewelry. The four most famous art forms of the kundan jewelry are the Ghadai, Puwai, Meenakari and Jadai. Each of these styles has their own trademark by which you can identify them.

Kundan jewelry uses a lot of colorful and contains intricate designs on the body of the jewelry. This is the main reason behind the wide popularity of this jewelry form among the people. You can get all these jewelry styles in the nearest jewelry store. You can select from the wide range of designs available that suit you the most.