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gifting your someone special diamond jewelry

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Diamond jewelry, diamondsIf you were planning to gift someone with something special then diamonds would be a prudent choice. Diamond rings are special and quiet precious as a gift which can be gifted to your special someone to evoke an instant smile on his or her face. The rings are found in varied styles, starting from solitary rings to three stone studded ones. Presenting a diamond to your loved one creates a magical aura. Diamonds are not easily destroyed hence came the tradition of exchanging rings at wedding thing just like diamonds the bond of the couple will also not break easily.

Nothing can be better to petrify the relation. It is believed universally to be an impeccable symbol of peace and love. The beauty and strength of diamonds are hard to complement by any other stone. The four C’s must be followed before buying diamonds which are cut, colour, clarity and carat. Ensure that the shop or store you buy the diamond from is reputed and has been doing business in the market for a considerable amount of time.

A guide to purchasing Labradorite Jewelry

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Labradorite Jewelry, gems stonesLabradorite is a very popular gem stone which is used in making jewelry. It is one the most sought after stones and there are reasons behind the popularity. The specimens become mostly in an opalescent blue shade which is very attractive and when light falls, they pleasingly shimmer. They have a semi translucent property which makes them different from the dull appearance of most stones like lapis lazuli, jade or turquoise.

The best specimen of the stones would show an iridescence that would exhibit vivid shades of bright aqua, golden yellow, reddish orange, peacock blue, green and red. The natives of the area of Labrador were of this belief that the lights from the northern region were trapped in the local rocks. The legend claimed that most of the light was set free by one warrior with a blow from his spear but it still remained in these stones. It is considered that the stones bring good luck.

Tibetan fashion jewellry

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Tibetan jewellery, fashion jewelryTibetan jewellery represents the eight auspicious symbol of Buddhism very efficiently. The 8 best symbols of the Buddhism, fetched from Sanskrit ‘Ashtamangala’, are popular in the place of Tibet. Often used for crafting the Tibetan jewelry. Often professed, that the Buddha never like being worshiped as one human and for that he was seen to be reluctant enough to seek his images. For the same reason he was majorly represented with help of 8 Spoke-Wheel along with Bobhi Tree. Other signs that helped to represent him are:
1. Buddha’s Footprints,
2. an Empty Throne,
3. a Begging Bowl and a Lion.

Eight symbols howbeit are:
1. the parasol or the Umbrella
2. Golden Fish
3. Treasure Vase
4. Lotus
5. Conch
6. An Endless Knot
7. A Victory Banner
8. Dharma-Wheel.

The Tibetan jewellery that used a Golden Fish logo is generally put on to get a better fortune. In Buddhism two fishes who are placed upright and their heads are inwards, they symbolize happiness, fertility and abundance. They are thought to arrive first in the Indian culture to symbolize Ganga and Yamuna rivers.
Such is the theory of Tibetan jewellery, the study of which is never ending but interesting to know.

Customized yoga jewelry

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Yoga jewelry, jewelryAre you searching for some customized yoga jewelry? Well then read this article to help you find out the best yoga jewelries. First of all you have to know that yoga jewelries are not available in every jewelry shop in any market. The shops that associated with any yoga centre or organization sell these products in limited quantities as they are extremely rare and expensively. Among the popular yoga jewelries the lotus earrings, necklaces are the popular ones. Most of these jewelries are made of crystals and they represent the sign of chakra.

Some the yoga jewelries have different tribal designs also; among them the Om pendants are very famous. The prayer necklaces that are made of beads are also good choices and you can wear them anywhere to flaunt your style. The silver bangles and nose pins are also trendy yoga jewelries that are being used by people all over the world.