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Jewellery insurance for your precious pieces

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Jewellery insurance, jewelry careJewellery is the most easily stolen, misplaced or damaged valuable that are owned by almost all individuals. The tragedy of losing a valuable jeweler is much greater for individuals who do not have any jeweler insurance or the wrong insurance type that is inadequate to cover the cost of replacement.

One of the safest ways to insure every bit of jewellery you own is to insure your jewellery with a jewellery insurance specialized agency which covers all losses for jewellery that are expensive. This insurance should cover for any and every loss type such as stolen, damaged or misplaced. Many jewellery insurers ask the individuals who get insured to select a jeweller who has a good reputation in the jewellery market, for having their jewellery replaced or repaired. Before insuring your cherished, fine and antique jewellery, it is recommended to get those appraised by a jeweller who is certified.

Celtic Jewelry Designs

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Celtic Jewelry, jewelryCeltic jewelry is very popular because of its interesting designs and various interpretations behind it. It always has to offer beauty through its graceful designs and elaborate Celtic symbols. Some of the most well known design pieces of this kind of jewellery are knot jewelry, cross jewelry, and Celtic rings which have been a part of fashion for quite a number of significant years.

Celtic cross jewelry has a beautiful cultural spirit which is adored by many. It is also well known as the symbol of eternity. People consider it a representation of one’s heart body and soul. Celtic knot designs are unique detailed patterns. The interpretations of these designs are not quite clear and are conflicting. Claddagh rings or Celtic rings are a true representation of the Irish way of living life. These rings are used like wedding bands and are quite popular among couples. What make this jewelry special are the meaning, culture and emotions attached to it.

Middle eastern jewellery: for that glam touch to your ensemble

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Middle East jewellery, jewelleryMiddle Eastern jewellery has been used by people throughout the world for ages and no doubt will be worn for ages from now also. The jewellery art has indeed influenced many cultures. Jewellery has always meant to symbolise the person’s character and style. The art and language of jewellery is doubtlessly sophisticated and difficult to decode. Latin, Greek, Persian, Hebrew and such is the language of jewellery has erupted and evolved with every fleeting time in accordance to the customs and laws of history’s development.

Middle East jewellery is stylish which have evolved from the early Oriental Romanian trends which served as the basis for many trend changes in jewellery crafting. If we keep aside the gem’s external properties the jewellery is an object that consists of semantic values and perceived in a person’s intuition, mind, soul and up to a certain degree the aesthetics sense. Every single piece of jewellery is a matter that carries information. Many apotropic emblems borrowed from daily epos and myth has a special message to transmit. Most often the current scenario and happenings are depicted.

Healing qualities of gold jewelry

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Healing qualities of gold jewelry, gold jewelryEver since the medieval times, people have believed that gold possesses amazing healing powers and hence the person who wears the maximum amount of gold on a body is the most immune to diseases and sickness. Astrologically speaking, every planet has a specific birthstone and these birthstones are always encased in either gold or silver.

The basic reason for doing so is the fact that these birthstones have some spiritual power and it is believed that both silver and gold have the power to tame them and ensure the exact amount of power is generated that needs to be focused on a particular individual.

Apart from serving the purpose of jewelry, the healing powers associated with gold have made sure that more and more people wear the stones encased in gold and it also helps in the spiritual and bodily purification apart from the fact that alchemists have used gold to produce the elixir which is said to restore complete health.