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Toe rings: a fun piece of jewelry

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Toe rings, ringsWomen love to dress themselves up not only with beautiful clothes but also with some really trendy jewelry. Jewelry would be the perfect gift for a woman who loves wearing it. There are plenty of jewelry options for women, and it has always been this way. Toe ring is one jewelry piece which not everyone wears. It looks good not on all women’s toes. If you have nice slender feet with long thin toes, a toe ring would look fabulous on them.

The price of these toe rings vary a lot. It depends on the make of the jewelry and the stones that are studded on them. A diamond studded toe ring will be pretty expensive. You will get many options for toe rings at very affordable prices. Pick a few and wear them in such a way that they compliment your dress and shoes. It is no doubt fun to wear these toe rings.

Practical jewellery for men

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Jewellery for men, jewelryJewellery is generally a term that one associates with the fairer gender and not with the males. It does not seem cool for a man to wear jewellery. However, there are some jewellery that even men can try out and one can bet that even men can carry off a piece of jewellery with ease. These days, there are many such items that are available in the market. One just has to be adventurous and pick them up from the local jewellery store.

One of the most popular jewellery that men prefer to wear is the ring. The ring has been something that men have grown to be comfortable with throughout the years. These days many are also experimenting with a neck chain in gold. They make it look thick and thus it is no longer a female dainty piece of jewellery. All these trends are catching on slowly and there might be a day when men actually shop for jewellery.

Gemstone studded tiara: a perfect wedding jewelry

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Gemstone studded tiara, wedding jewelryThe wedding is the most important part of one’s life and thus you want to look the most beautiful on your wedding day. You go to parlour get dressed properly. Hair styling forms a very important part of the bridal make up. A lot depends on the hair style of a bride on how she will look or not. Thus you should take proper care on your hairstyling. You should such a hairstyle which fits your face and your dress properly. If you are going to some parlour for the make up then they will do it. Other than all these the latest trend of haird styling is the use of the tiara. A lot of tiara is available in the market. you can choose one according to your choice and your budget. But if you have sufficient budget then you must consider the gemstone studded tiara. It is the latest trend in the bridal make up and look very beautiful.

Buying diamonds: Importance of carat

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Buy diamonds, diamondsBuying diamonds is not always an easy job. There are numerous options to choose from. You can be overwhelmed by the choices. First, you have to decide the kind of shape you are looking for. If you cannot make up your mind about the shape, you can go for the princess cut. Then, you have to decide the weight of the diamond. If you go for a diamond of one carat, the most beautiful stone of half carat would not be able to satisfy you.

Diamonds are received by people generally at the time of their wedding. There are a lot of fancy shapes of diamonds that are available in the market. The ratio of the width and the length of the diamonds should also be considered while choosing a diamond. The most popular weight of carats of diamonds is one carat, 3 fourth carat and half carat. When the diamond is being bought for an engagement, the popular weight is around two to one carat.