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Claudia Bradby jewelry: a must have for all girls

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Claudia Bradby jewelry, jewelryWomen all around the world simply love jewelry. Whether to get decked up for a party or adding a bit of glamour to her everyday attire, Simple bracelets, pendants and necklaces work wonders. Among the rising jewelry designers, Claudia Bradby of Great Britain has achieved quite some popularity among girls for her exclusive yet simple jewelry in pearls and silver.

Claudia Bradby makes her jewelry mostly out of fresh pearls and semi-precious stones collected personally from all over the world. A glorious blend of traditional and contemporary trademarks, Claudia’s designs are innate and attractive. Every piece is an original so that you will never feel insecure about getting embarrassed with another girl wearing the same bracelets as you.

Jewelry is such an item that women of all age wear, and Claudia’s designs satisfy a wide spectrum of women of different ages from teenage girls to gracious ladies.

Indian gold designs for you

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Indian gold designs, gold designsGold jewelry in India is famous throughout the world and is praised by people residing at various corners of this planet. Previously the trend of Indian gold jewelry was on broad and heavy gold ornaments made up of a fairly large amount of gold for occasions like marriage or any other auspicious ceremonies but as time passed by gold jewelry designs have become sleek and trendy, very suitable for wearing every day to offices and also for casual occasions.

You can find new exciting designs in gold which has a charm of its own. Even now one can find heavy jewelry for marriage purposes and other family traditional ceremonies but wearing heavy gold jewelry all day becomes a hard job to handle for many. But a thin sleek gold chain with a small pendant or a small gold stud in the ear looks ravishing whether you are in attending an office party or hanging out with your friends. This fold designs can never look bad on any one. Now you can get anklets, bracelets, nose ring and so many varieties of light yet uniquely designed Indian gold jewelries for the modern day contemporary women.

What kind of jewelry can you wear to work?

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Jewelry selection, jewelry to wear at workplace   Are you confused about the type of jewelry that you should wear to your workplace? Well, if you are, here is a bit of help. You need to understand that the kind of jewelry that you can wear to office is essentially dependent on the kind of work that you are associated with. If you are a Human Resource executive and interview prospective employees regularly, you can opt for bold accessories. However, jewelries that make noise are a strict no-no. Jewelries with clanks should be avoided as well.

If you are in the creative field and work as an interior designer and in the art gallery, you can experiment with your jewelries and be a little creative. However, it will be great if you can be creative as well as understated at the same time as far as your jewelry is concerned. Usually wearing a ring, ear studs, fuss free necklace and no cling bracelet will suffice.


5 types of earring women must have

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Out of the several types of earrings available and that women wear there are five special types that women must wear. These include push ons which is the simplest of all and has a tiny hole to fit the post of the earring in which further slides over on the post ensuring that the back won’t slip off. Screw on back is the next type which acts like a nut-bolt.

The posts of these earrings are thicket which allows expensive earrings to be fit in. the partial screw backs have thinner posts and are more comfortable to wear but you need to screw them tightly in order to ensure they don’t fall off. Locking backs are the fourth type that has a lock system at the back of the ear after putting them on.

The buttons need to be pushed in order to release and fit the earrings. The fifth type is the plastic stoppers that work best with long post earrings and the dangling ones.