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How to Sell Gold Jewelry and Gain Benefits

Monday, February 21st, 2011

At initial stage, it creates a lot of confusion to look out for the right tips related to selling gold jewelry. Your first job is to identify the type of gold jewelry you possess, like 10, 14, 18 or 24 karats as higher the karat, the higher the price offered. In addition to it, some of the following points listed here help you get most money for your gold jewelry:

a. Deal only with the established and reputable good buyer available in the market.
b. Ensure that you are being offered a satisfaction guarantee. If not satisfied fully, return your pieces immediately.
c. Read and go through the reviews related to selling gold and get information from others who have already done so.
d. Make sure that whichever shop you are approaching for selling the jewelry is accredited with a decent Business Bureau and minimal customer complaints are logged against it.
e. Make yourself aware of the current selling price of gold jewelry in market.

Choosing Navel Bars

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Navel bars are popularly famous kind of belly navel rings. They are available in a wide range and in various materials such as titanium, surgical steel, yellow and white gold, and Bio Flex. The most preferred is Bioplast navel bars over other metals, as it’s very flexible. It adjusts easily to body movements making it the favorite choice of sport persons.

If you don’t want your belly bars to be visible to others, you can go for a colorless/transparent Bioplast navel bar. A disadvantage of these navel bars are that they can’t be used for fresh piercing. Another type available is pregnancy navel bars as before it, pregnant women were forced to lose navel bars. Dangle navel bars hang from the top but consists of a dangle which hangs from the bottom ball. They should be avoided during healing stage or your piercing may get torn up. The standard length of a belly bar is around 10mm and thickness of 1.6mm.

What to Know when Buying Yellow Sapphire

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Sapphire is not only known to be a stunning gemstone, it’s also a durable gem. On Mohs scale it ranks 9 which are just after diamond which ranks 10. So, you should take a note of the following things before buying this precious gem:

a. Check the gemstone first: Though it needs some guidance to correctly identify a gemstone but you can observe the color of the gemstone, sapphire in this case( the more intense color it has, the more expensive it is), its clarity and cut.
b. Observe the metal closely: When we mention yellow sapphire, it means that the metal should be included in it and it’s a genuine one. Give it a close look and ensure that it has carats.
c. Analyze the setting: The settings of a gem hold it together and so you should make sure that it is as tight as possible. This is done to avoid any chances of loosening of the gemstone from the metals.

Buying Engagement Rings: What to keep in Mind

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Getting engaged with someone is a very special occasion in anyone’s life. A few things to keep in mind while buying an engagement ring are:

a. Fix your budget: Decide your personal budget that you are looking to spend on a ring for your loved one.
b. Pay attention: Plan beforehand about your choice of ring and its make.
c. Choose a stone: You can choose diamond and shape separately as per your sweetheart’s choice.
d. Choose a setting: After stone selection, fix a type of setting like solitaire, extra stones etc.
e. Get a friend or relative: Visit a jewelry store with someone who knows your sweetheart’ choice well, as he can advise you for the best deal to go for.
f. Get your darling along with you: This option will reveal the surprise but will ensure that the choice is perfect.
g. Buy from a trusted store: Visit a well known jewelry store for your purchase, so that the quality can be assured.