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Naval bars

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Belly piercing is also called as naval piercing. Many girls love to do naval piercing as it makes them look beautiful and different from other common girls. It makes them different in the group and provides a different class. Naval bars are the first choice of every girl.

These bars mainly include a small ball at the one end of the naval and a large ball inside the belly. Many popular celebrities have used them in their shows and movies which makes them more popular in the society. Initially piercing tongue, belly and lip was considered to be quite unusual for common people. But gradually it has become the most common activity amongst teenagers.

The most common form of naval bars consists of single ball at one of the end. There are some other forms of naval bars available in the market like double bars etc. These naval bars are very elegant and provide uniqueness to your personality.

Industrial body jewelry

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

You need to understand the basics of Industrial body jewelry and their utilization before purchase. They are not meant for every one’s taste. It is also not easy to purchase industrial body jewelry. You need to grab all sort of essential information about these products. First thing that you need to know is the best material for the industrial jewelry.

Large number of materials is available for the body jewelry but the best one is the surgical steel. The important reason behind using this material is that it is helps in recovering the pain during piercing. Once your body completely get heal, you can easily use different comfortable materials like gold, silver, platinum etc.

Industrial body jewelry is considered as the jewelry of highest standard. But the best part is that they are very cost effective. You can easily purchase them in low cost or as per your budget. Thus, you can get beautiful look in a budgeted price.

Gold piercing jewelry wholesale

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Body piercing is an amazing form of body art that makes you look cool and beautiful. Tragus and nose piercing are very common form of piercing in the market these days. Many unusual types of piercing have been introduced into the market. We classify them as tongue piercing, nipple piercing, belly piercing, eyebrow piercing etc.

Gold jewelry is perfect for body piercing also to portray you as cool, funky and wealthy dude or girl. It is very to purchase and also comfortable to wear this jewelry. Gold jewelry provides you a glamorous and classy look. There are many retail stores available in the market where you can easily get these types of jewelry. You can use different products for piercing. It mainly includes rings and bars.

Many websites are available on internet that provides you piercing material at very cheap and reasonable cost. Some special sort of gold piercing jewelry is available in the market for those who are quite scared of piercing. These are called as touch skin jewelry.