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American Idol Jewelry Favorites

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Different nations have different types of jewelry for their idols and they decorate them with their own traditional and designer jewelry. For example, in India idols are generally decorated with heavy and minute work jewelry. Whereas countries of coastal region decorate their idols mainly with jewelry made of pearls.

In America the idols mainly are decorated with light weighted jewelry and diamond jewelry. The Americans prefer gems and diamonds over heavy work of gold in jewelry. You can find the idol mainly decorated with jewelry made of different types of stones and pearls.
The purchasing power of Americans is highest in the world; therefore their preferences are also jewelry which is costly.
The main jewelry in American idols is diamond necklaces, diamond rings, bracelets, gold watches etc. But, the recent trend has changed somehow and people are now more attracted towards the heavy jewelry.

Jewelry Organizers – Stop Losing Your Favorite Accessories

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Sometimes it happens that you are searching through your jewelry box and certainly you discover a bracelet, necklace or ring that you had forgotten, and then you say ‘I forgot I had this’. To avoid this situation you need to get your Jewelry organized.
Jewelry organizer is a large wooden jewelry chest something similar to wooden jewelry chests. There are different types of boxes and you can buy the one which is required for your jewelry. You can buy a box considering below mentioned points:

• The nature of your collection: If you mainly wear gold then you need something secure. If your collection is mainly silver then jewelry organizer need to be lined up with anti tarnished cloth.
• Size of your jewelry collection: If you have valuable jewelry, then your Jewelry box needs to be a classical one.
• If you have jewelry drawer in your dresser, then count yourself fortunate because many people don’t have this facility. If you have drawer space then your jewelry organizer is designed to fit there.

The charm of gold jewelry sets

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Gold is the most favorable material for the jewelry since ages. A woman feels incomplete without gold jewelry. Whether the designs of the jewelry are traditional or modern, gold always has a value. Today diamond and platinum known as white gold are in the latest fashion but the craze for the gold jewelry is still there.

A bride, on her day of marriage looks incomplete without any gold jewelry. When you think of gifting jewelry to someone special, the material you think first about is the gold.
The best thing in the gold jewelry is that they don’t get tarnish when they come with the contact of chemicals like perfume, lotions or hair products. Water also cannot ruin them.
So, you can say that gold jewelry requires less maintenance compared to other materials like silver, pearl etc. They start tarnishing when they come in direct contact with water or chemicals, but gold does not.

Palladium Jewelry – Is it Better Than Gold And Platinum?

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Palladium is a pure white material and belongs to the family of the Platinum. This material is corrosion resistance and has general characteristics similar to the platinum. Certain points that make Palladium better than gold and platinum are listed below:

• It does not cause allergy to the sensitive skin as some time gold and platinum do.

• Palladiums do not need to be re-plated frequently compared to gold and platinum which generally do.
• It is strong metal and is corrosion as opposed to platinum and gold.
• It does not require frequent polishing as is required by gold and platinum jewellery.
• It is one of the best options for investment.
Palladium is different from gold and platinum, as it is harder compared to them. And this is the only thing which looks negative about the Palladium.

Jewelry Boxes For Young Men and Boys Which They Will Love

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Nowadays young men and boys are becoming fond of jewelry. Therefore, they also need a jewelry box to store them. Men’s jewelry box does not have to be pretty with mirror and music. It must look masculine. Here are some examples:

Valet Box: a valet box contains valet, house keys, coins and business cards. These are the items which a young man or a boy tossed out when they return back to the home.
Charging station box: this box contains MP3 player, mobile and other gadgets like mobile chargers etc.
Watch Box: men have their favorite items like bracelets, rings and watches. The watch box is designed to store all of them.
Add a jewelry box at your favorite place it can be your office desk, bedroom dresser or on the table in the living room. A men’s jewelry box can be enjoyed by the men of all the ages.

How to Keep Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

To keep your silver jewelry from a yellowish look seems an impossible task. You polish your silver earrings in the night and when you look at them in the morning you get disappointed as they turned yellowish till morning.

The thing we need to realize is that the tarnish is mainly caused by the things we do or use. For e.g. the perfume, lotion and hair products, all of them cause jewelry to tarnish. Even our sweaty skin also causes tarnish of silver jewelry.

The tarnish mainly occurres on the silver jewelry we wear daily. Moisture also causes tarnish to the silver. The most effective way to keep away silver jewelry from tarnishing is to wipe them with dry cotton cloth every night and to keep them away from the chemicals like perfume, lotions and hair sprays.

It is difficult to do but try to keep your silver jewelry away from water. This formula is mainly applied with the jewelry that we wear regularly.

Buying Tips for Bridesmaids Jewelry

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful woman on the earth and different on the day of her wedding. Buying jewelry for a bride is challenging task, you have to take care for many things. Here are some buying tips for a bridesmaid’s jewelry:

• While buying jewellery take care that jewellery are matched with the new fashion. Traditional jewellery is always in and they do not look odd or out of fashion when bride wear them.
• Jewellery should match with the colour and style of the cloth you wear on the day of your marriage.
• Select your jewellery according to the theme of your marriage. For e.g. if the theme of your marriage is very simple then wear light weighted jewellery and if the theme of the wedding is royal one then you can choose traditional, heavy weighted and diamond jewellery.
The selection of jewelry also depends upon your body structure. Some people look very gorgeous when while wearing heavy cloths with jewelry while some look good when they dress up with simple jewelry.

Antique gold necklaces

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Antique gold necklaces are superfine art pieces of manufactures. Antique or ethnic jewelry consist of traditional gold necklaces, classic gold necklaces, diamond necklaces, gold kundan necklaces etc. which give a unique look to the wearer.
Antique gold necklaces are generally heavy and have minute work on them. These kinds of necklaces are specially worn at the time of traditional marriages and royal marriages.

Antique means very old, traditional, Historic and rarely seen by the people. Antique necklaces are generally given to a newly married girl as a reflection of the tradition of a family.
Antique necklaces are since old ages, but they have their own style and charm that is why there is so much craze for them.
You cannot buy antique gold necklaces from any shop of a gold smith. But you have to purchase them by contracting some special goldsmiths who are dealing with the sale and purchase of the antique necklaces.