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Fashion jewelry of Pakistan

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

The fondness of Pakistani women for gold jewelry can hardly be doubted. However, with changing times many of these women have shifted to gold plated and silver fashion jewelry that can be worn with almost any outfit and are ideal for various occasions. Many Pakistani women prefer buying fashion jewelry for every day use as these require lesser care and maintenance in comparison to gold jewelry.

In addition to that, these pieces cost less than a fraction of the real thing and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit varied tastes. In the recent times, many Pakistani women are also opting for white gold jewelry sets as the setting of diamond and other precious stones on this metal base adds to the aesthetic appeal of the piece. Those with deep pockets also wear platinum jewelry that is by and large unaffordable for most of the people in the country.

Bridal gold jewelry of Pakistan

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Even the sparkle of diamond has not been able to diminish the allure of gold jewelry when it comes to bridal pieces in Pakistan. Almost everywhere in the country, blushing brides browse through various jewelry catalogues and visit multiple jewelry stores to find the perfect wedding jewelry set for themselves. This is because gold has both spiritual and religious connotations in Muslim culture. Most of the gold jewelry sets worn by Pakistani brides are embedded with semi precious stones and gems.

Gold jewelry is considered to be a sign of elegance in the Pakistani culture and women belonging to diverse echelons of the society prefer buying a gold jewelry set for their wedding. In fact, it is a popular practice to give gold jewelry as bridal gift on weddings. The preference for gold wedding jewelry can also be explained due to fact that this metal can be easily liquidated in times of financial crisis.

Auspicious symbols of Buddhism in Tibetan Jewelry

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

One of the most easily identifiable characteristics of Tibetan jewelry is its religious symbolism. In the Tibetan culture, various jewelry pieces are worn as amulets that are believed to bestow the wearer with the blessings of Buddha. There are eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism that are used in Tibetan jewelry. Most of these symbols can be traced back to popular religious icons used in the Indian culture. These include the parasol or the chattra that is a symbol of Buddha’s sovereignty and the power of the spirit and the golden fishes that are believed to be harbinger of good fortune.

The symbol of treasure vase used in Tibetan jewelry is also known as kalasha. It is understood to bless the wearer with spiritual power and material wealth. The symbol of Lotus or padma is a sign of purity – both mental and spiritual, whereas the endless knot indicates the unfathomable wisdom of Buddha. The symbol of wheel, victory banner and the conch shell is also popularly used in Tibetan jewelry.

Islamic Jewelry Trends

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

The “Allah” pendants are easily the most popular pieces of Islamic jewelry that you can find in almost every jewelry store in a Muslim country. You can pick these pendants in various sizes and shapes to show your allegiance to your faith. These pendants are also available in various metals such as gold, silver and bronze so as to suit diverse tastes and budgets of various people. A number of Muslims also wear traditional Islamic jewelry pieces that have beautiful engravings of a mosque and a crescent moon and other popular icons as a mark of respect for their religion and their God.

In the recent times, a number of pendants, rings and bracelets that have the teachings of the Holy Quran engraved on them in beautiful calligraphy are also being marketed as Islamic jewelry. These engravings are more often than not highlighted by an exquisite setting of some precious stones that give them a unique appeal.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Kabbalah’s theories regarding the mystical connection between the spirit and the physical being have provided some popular motifs that are used in Jewish jewelry to be worn as an amulet, charm or a talisman. Kabbalah jewelry uses a number of religious symbols pertaining to Judaism such as the two-thumbed Hamsa hand, also known as the “Hand of Miriam” that is believed to protect the wearer against evil spirits and the more popular Star of David that represents the absolute rule of God over the entire world.

A number of kabbalah jewelry pieces also come with the fish and the tree of life motifs that have a significant meaning in the Jewish culture. You can also find kabbalah pendants and bracelets and rings that have spiritual text engraved on them and are meant to serve as a protective amulet for the wearer and endow him or her with spiritual and mental power.

Traditional jewelry from Pakistan

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Jewelry has always been a weakness of both men and women in the Indian subcontinent. This holds true for people of Pakistan as well who love wearing traditional jewelry such as rings, ear rings and gold chains that are indicative of their rich cultural heritage. Speaking of traditional jewelry from Pakistan, the first thing that comes to mind are the intricately designed heavy gold pieces that are often set with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

These are mostly worn by women belonging to upper echelons of the society and are considered as a symbol of their higher social standing. Those belonging to the less well to do families cannot afford to buy gold jewelry inlaid with precious gems and hence settle for simple gold jewelry that is reminiscent of the art of jewelry making followed during the Mughal period. Some Pakistani women also prefer buying gold plated silver jewelry for everyday use.

How to care for your diamond jewelry?

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Diamonds are forever and if you want your diamond jewelry to retain its sparkle and look as stunning as ever, you need to learn some effective ways to take care of the same. Even though diamonds are known to be hard and strong, when set in a jewelry piece they become quite prone to cracking or breakage. Hence, you should always use a soft bristle brush such as a lipstick or eyebrow brush to clean it with mild soap water.

It is best to use warm water to clean your diamond jewelry. Begin by soaking the diamond jewelry in this warm water solution for a few minutes and then scrub it gently. Once you have cleaned the jewelry, rinse it with the help of a strainer and use a clean cloth to dry it. Thereafter, leave the jewelry under the fan for some time so that it dries completely before you either wear it or store it away in your wardrobe.