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Unusual Ways To Wear Your Jewelry

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

The common ways of wearing your jewelry are the neck, ears, and arms. However there are other unusual ways of wearing your jewels that can either enhance your look or spoil it if it is not done right. Some of these are wearing necklace on the head especially the gemstone necklace such as the Indians do. Wearing a pearl necklace on the forehead is another type that is used to expose the hairdo.

This is eye catching and charming especially if the pearl matches your outfit. You can also wear necklace with a pendant on the forehead especially for a wedding dress. An eye catching pendant will bring out the elegant look. Wearing a necklace on other body parts such as the palms, arm or soles of your feet. Some people even wear the rings on the toe fingers or bracelets on the ankle of the legs. This gives an unusual look but when chosen well it looks elegant. You can play around with your jewel to see how it would look worn on unusual places.

Jewelry Necklines And Lengths

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Jewelry necklines are the determinants of the length of jewel that one should wear. People have different necklines and it is important to know your neckline and how to dress with the right jewel. Whether you want to look simple, elegant or beautiful there are things you should consider for your jewelry choice. The occasion should help you in choosing. A simple understated piece will work for the day and a precious elegant one for the evening.

A V-neck, boat-neck and crew neck tops look good in drop pearl necklace or solitaire pendant. Strapless and out-of-the-shoulder outfit matches close to the neck jewels, a faux gem choker matches an invisible string or short strand pearl. Open collar blouse with chains that lie on the collarbone, a turtle neck sweater with a long beaded chain while crystals adds a little glamour to an evening outfit. A square neck top goes well with a long chain with pendant gangling on it. Make sure you dress your outfit neckline right with the choice of the correct jewelry.

The Right Jewelry For The Right Wardrobe

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Making the right jewelry for the right wardrobe is a simple way of keeping track of the selection and collection of the best way of choosing the kind of jewelry you buy. It will also save on time since you will always have a clear picture of the jewel you are looking for your jewels. this helps you get the perfect match for your outfit. this is a better way of ensuring you have the clear picture of what you are looking for when you go out shopping for your jewels.

You can do this by checking out the latest trend colors, look through your wardrobe and select the colors that are common and write down the colors that you would like to have that matches your wardrobe. The selection should include whether you want those colors for bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. Purchase beads with different kind of shapes or styles, and designs for special occasions. This should match your personality This will ensure you always have jewels that match your outfits.

Managing Your Jewelry Collection

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Managing your jewelry collection is very important since you can have a wide collection of jewels that you cannot keep track of. Managing your jewels will reduce the cases of being late for work or social events because you spend more time looking for chains and the matching wearings or bracelets. There might be massive metals, and pins in your drawer that may make it difficult to locate the jewel you want for your outfit. It will also protect your valuable jewels by finding the right place to keep them.

A necklace and earring holder will keep them safe; a stand on your dresser or vanity will keep your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The holder takes little space and hold your jewels safely. A swing out jewelry holder keeps small pins, rings and bracelets well. When not using them then keep them neatly on top of each other. If your collection is big choose a stacking organizer that more compartments. There is travel pouch that can keep the jewels safe when away from home.

Taking Jewelry Inventory

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Taking jewelry inventory is an important step towards making sure all your valuables are kept well and you keep record of the new ones to avoid losing them. It is a good way of managing your jewels. You can do this by making a list of your jewels, their costs and current value that are worth a certain amount especially the most expensive ones. The current worth is determined by the how much it would cost to replace the jewel.

You can get this from the local merchandiser and catalog prices. You can them keep this list in a fire and theft proof place where no one can access. You can decide to choose to insure them with a homeowners insurance to make them safe fro fire, theft, or other disasters. You can also photograph you consignment or video record them. Make sure you monitor your jewels as you add more to make sure the record is updated. This will help you know the ones you have and their value.

Organizing Your Jewelry

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Many people have a selection of variety of jewelry in their closet and it take them long to find the ones to wear when they are in a hurry. There are chains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and so much more that could be piled up in your drawer. Organizing your jewelry can be the best way to ensure your room looks neat and the jewels are well kept. There are tips for going about the task.

Start by customizing your way. You can choose the way you want your jewels to appear either according to occasion, casual, formal, color or the most liked. Find the location where you want to keep the ones you wear everyday and occasionally. This could be in your dresser top, dresser drawers, closet or jewelry safe. Make sure you jewelries are protected. Give away what you do not need to reduce pillage, limit abrasion that can destroy your expensive jewels and have a small jewel box on your desk or bag for the times when you are in a hurry.

Old Jewelry Superstitions

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Superstitions and magical thinking have still hold on humanity and many people still believe in them. This has continued to be so even after the advancement of science that has tried to explain the happenings of things. The other common superstition is the one about the old jewelry. One of the old jewelry superstitions is that if you hold the antique jewelry can tell you something about the former owner.

According to people who try to explain the old jewelry superstition spending some time with the jewelry before you buy can make you have either positive or negative feelings about it. They say a spirit might linger on the object and come visiting it. Some people detect tension and negativity in the air before they buy a jewel. There is an explanation that there are people who are able to read an object and discern some of the history by merely touching it. Many people use this when they are buying valuable jewels especially those from antique shops.

Religious Wedding Bands

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

There are different types of wedding bands that people prefer for their big day. The other common ones loved mostly by Christians are the religious wedding bands. These type have designs that such as the cross, religious writings and are available mostly in silver and gold. They are beautiful lifelong and reminder of the commitment of live to each other and the lord Jesus Christ.

There are those that are engraved with passages f the scripture from the inside and outside. These verses are basically the ones that are related to love and marriages. They represent the sacred union between a man and woman as depicted in the Bible. There are others that have the Lord’s Prayer available in bronze, diamond, tungsten silver and gold. They can also be made in fancy designs to make them look elegant while still portraying the religious messages in signs and word. They are available in the jewel stores locally and online.

Tips To Buy Antique Holiday Bands

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Antique jewelry are the ones that are over 50 years old. If you are planning top get engaged there are very many varieties of the antique engagement bands that you can choose from. Getting it right for the antique holiday band needs guidelines that once followed can give you the best choice. These include; the antique bands have unique, simple elegant designs ranging from rose gold, or yellow gold.

These types reflect a fashion trend of era with streamlined geometric look. They can be found from Egyptian, Asian, And Native American origins. The art Deco are the most popular ones today though there are diamond, emerald, pearl and opal. However these types can be damaged easily. Make sure you look properly at the craftsmanship of the band. Avoid the poor replica rings that mimic certain styles. Go for the original types though they might be slightly costly. The ones from the 30s and 40s are the best. Look carefully at the description on the band.