How to Clean Costume Jewelry

December 12th, 2016 by Prada

Costume Jewelry tips

Costume jewelry is so pretty, and usually cheaper than the real ornaments. We all love to wear them. What we don’t love is when it starts feeling gritty, kind of like sand and turns funky in different colors. Let’s back it up. Costume jewelry can be silver or gold plated too, with gemstones, beads and with fake diamonds too. Costume jewelry usually consists of inexpensive metals and stones than those found in different real jewelries made out of precious metals and gemstones.

Never the less, many of the pieces of costume jewelry are still precious and valuable, either in sentimental value or monetary value, or perhaps we can say in both. Moreover, costume jewelry made up of metals and stones are often less durable in nature than those found in finer types of jewelry. You will require the gentle methods of cleaning different costume jewelry. It is important to know about different methods of cleaning these pieces of costume jewelry properly without damaging them will set your mind at ease.

Costume jewelry cleaning Methods:

  • The dry method of cleaning the costume jewelry is one of the safe ways to clean old jewelry, since many wet or moist cleaners might leave behind a film or might even cause a lasting damage to your jewelry.
  • It is important to find a workplace with good lighting effects while cleaning the costume jewelry. Overhead lights in the dark room are likely to help you in casting shadows and should be avoided. It is advisable of looking for a desk with a lamp that you can direct or a clear counter is best in front of a window.
  • costume-jewelry

    Toothpick used for cleaning Costume Jewelry

    Use a soft brush or a dry baby toothbrush for gently brushing the costume jewelry’s surface. Applying this step will help you in removing any dirt caked on to the surface of the jewelry.

  • Hold a can of compressed air an inch or three away from the surface of the piece of costume jewelry and spray it well. This will help you in loosening any dust or dirt that might have trapped in the crevices of the costume jewelry. Now inspect your costume jewelry by using a magnifying glass. Look and observe effectively for any additional trapped dirt.
  • Use a small stick or a toothpick for carefully removing any dust or dirt you spotted with a magnifying glass. It is advisable for avoiding the use of a metal pick, since it might be one of the causes of scratching the soft gemstones or the glass beads if you hand slips.
  • Polish the piece of costume jewelry by using a soft and dry cloth. Doing so will help you in removing the smudges or fingerprints while giving your costume jewelry back a bit of its original shine.
  • You can also use the gentle cleaning solutions that are specially designed for cleaning the costume jewelry. If you observe any grime that does not come off even after dry cleaning it, step things up a notch by using a gentle cleaning solution suitable to your jewelry.
  • Start the process of cleaning by mixing a part of soap with three parts of Luke warm water in a small glass or bowl for storing it. It’s advisable using a gentle soap solution, since harsher soaps might contain harmful chemicals that might be one of the causes of damaging your costume jewelry.
  • Make the use of soft bristle baby toothbrush. Dip it into the water and soap solution prepared. For any alternative use, you can also use a cotton swab for enjoying better comfort of cleaning. Tap the toothbrush on the sides of the bowl or glass for removing excessive solution. It is important to know that using least amount of solution on the costume jewelry will help in retaining its beauty and finish.
  • costume-jewelry

    Brush used for cleaning Costume Jewelry

    Gently brush the beads, metal and gems of the jewelry with the cotton swab or brush. Apply light amount of pressure for avoiding any loosening effect of enameling or glue. It is important to rinse the costume jewelry under the Luke warm water. It’s advisable of performing this step as fast as possible. Because Luke warm water can even damage the costume jewelry, so you must not immerse it for too long under the water.

  • Gently blot the excess of moisture observed on the jewelry, by using a piece of dry and soft cotton cloth. You can also lay of the jewelry on the paper towel that is easily available in the market. And finish the drying by using a hair dryer. Use the dryer’s cool setting, since there might be chances that the heat pressure might damage the charm of your jewelry.
  • At the end polish the piece of costume jewelry by using a piece of dry and soft cotton cloth. If both the gentle cleaning process and drying method fails in fully cleaning the stuck grime on the surface of the jewelry, it is advisable of shifting to a string cleaning product for cleaning your costume jewelry.
  • You can clean it by obtaining a non-acetone nail paint remover or you can make the use of using a gentle cleaning solution for your jewelry. It is important for always reading the label on the jewelry cleaners. Many of them are not appropriate, rather say not suitable for jewelry.
  • Because they might contains the ingredients of alcohol or vinegar. It is advisable of only using the cleaners when it states that it is totally safe for cleaning the costume jewelry.
  • Pour a small quantity of nail polish remover or acetone and a cleaner into a bowl or glass. Make the use of cotton swabs and dip it into the solution you prepared. It is advisable of soaking it as little as possible. Tab the cotton swab on the sides of the excessive solution that might be harmful for your jewelry. Tab the cotton swabs on the sides of the bowl for removing the excessive solution.
  • Gently scrub the solution of the beads and gems mounted in the jewelry. Rinse it properly with Luke warm water and yes your jewelry is ready for use.

Tips To Clean Fake Jewelry

November 9th, 2016 by G S
tips of cleaning fake jewelry

ways of cleaning fake jewelry

Custom jewelry can really look beautiful even when they are not made up of precious and costly gems. Keeping its beauty stagnant can be quite a task. Fake jewelry can’t take the wear and tear as easily as real jewelry can take. It gets tarnished from water, creams, lotions and even air exposure. So you need to learn to care and clean fake jewelry to keep them look beautiful and wear them for the years and years to come. Here is an easy and simple stepwise method to clean fake jewelry.

  • Collect the jewelry which needs to be cleaned

There is no predefined time as to when to clean fake jewelry. The thumb rule is that, more you clean it more you have to clean fake jewelry. Try to clean fake jewelry once in every few months when it starts looking dull. Keep in mind that fake jewelry is not the gorgeous gold or sterling silver or do not have any precious gemstones. Hence you need to keep in mind that cleaning fake jewelry is not same as that of cleaning gold jewelry or cleaning silver jewelry. If you are or able to decide what is fake jewelry and what real jewelry is then keep in mind that plated jewelry is authentic. As the top layer of metal is gold or silver, it is counted in real jewelry even though when it is not the solid gold or silver all through the piece of jewelry. Hence you can make use of regular jewelry cleaner for cleaning up the silver and gold plated jewelry instead of any of this method provided.

  • Try lemon to clean fake jewelry

Lemon has been used since a long time to clean fake jewelry and getting rid of the oxide layer which is formed on the metal with time and usage. You can also add a little bit of soda to the lemon. Lemon is considered as a natural acid and rubbing a half cut lemon on the jewelry can help in the process of cleaning fake jewelry. You can put up the silver jewelry into a cup of lemonade with little bit of salt for the whole night and you will get your piece of jewelry clean and shining. It works really well on silver. You can take juice of lemon in a plate and then rub this juice on the piece of jewelry and then use a rough cloth and rub smoothly against the jewelry. This will really be helpful to c lean fake jewelry.

  • Use white vinegar and water to clean fake jewelry

Make such solution and then soak your jewelry in such solution then make sue of a soft brush for getting properly into the corners and holes. Cleaning fake jewelry with vinegar will make the chains very much shiny. You can use a soft bristled brush if the jewelry has gems to get in to the cracks and clean them. You can just apply the vinegar to the sponge and make use of it for cleaning fake jewelry. Another natural product which can be used for cleaning fake jewelry is olive oil. Olive oil will make your fake jewelry to shine but ensure that you wash it off properly. You can also make use of a dental tablet and also dissolve it in the water. After that let the jewelry soak in for a bit and then scrub it very gently by using a toothbrush.

  • Try to use hand soap and warm water

This will not only make your fake jewelry to look beautiful but will also make it smell very nice. Make sure you put as little amount of water as possible while cleaning fake jewelry. Water can result in tarnishing and rusting the costume jewelry if it is sitting for too long on it. Make use of a washed and clean cloth for gently cleaning fake jewelry. Generally it is not a nice idea to allow the fake jewelry to soak in water for a very long time as it can result in ruining the whole look or finish of your custom jewelry. This approach can work very well on the jewelry with gold and gem stones. Another method to clean fake jewelry is to pour hot water in a bowl and add up some salt, dishwashing liquid, and soda. Put the jewelry on top of a foil and then let it sit in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, rinse your fake jewelry into the cold water. Use a cloth and dry your jewelry totally with that cloth.

  • Make use of baby shampoo for cleaning fake jewelry

Baby shampoos are generally considered as the mild shampoo. Hence it can work as a good cleaning agent for your fake jewelry. Shampoo can be very good approach for cleaning fake jewelry with pearls. Mix one drop of baby shampoo with water.     Take a soft brush or a Q-tip for cleaning such spots which are hard to reach. Mix it up till it reaches the consistency like a thick soup. If the mixture gets too much thick then add up some drops of water to it. Rinse off the baby shampoo very much quickly in cold water and then dry it with a clean and soft towel or a microfiber cloth.

  • Use toothpaste or lens cleaner

There are various cleaning products in your house which you use for cleaning fake jewelry. Some similar products can be lens cleaner and toothpaste. They are many of the times very much effective for cleaning fake jewelry. But be extra careful while cleaning fake jewelry with these products and ensure to read the cautions and instructions very carefully. Don’t use lens cleaner for cleaning precious metals and also take care that paint or finish can also come off if you clean very much abruptly. Also make sure that you don’t use them on earrings and if you are having sensitive skin. Toothpaste is really less problematic when it comes to cleaning fake jewelry and hence you can use it freely.

3 Ways of Cleaning your Gold Rings

October 27th, 2016 by Prada

Unlike silver ornaments, gold doesn’t accumulate a dull tarnished as the time passes. But gold can easily attract and accumulate the grime and dirt while using it regularly. It is very important to restore the shine and the actual finish as before because its perfect shine will help you in leading a perfect gold ring. Not only the gold rings but to shine your precious bracelets and necklaces, you will need the help of few household equipment and ingredients. There are many ways that can help you in cracking the process of cleaning your gold rings. Just follow the given ways below for e joying the best results of cleaning your gold rings.

Cleaning your gold rings ways:

  1. Cleaning your gold rings by using a dish wash

Gold ring washed in a dish wash

Dish wash solution used for cleaning the Gold ring

Take warm water in a bowl and add few drops of liquid dish wash in it. mix it thoroughly and gently. Want to use ordinary tap water? It works fine but for better outcomes, it is advisable of using warm water that offers better cleaning. for even better results of cleaning your gold rings, use club soda or sodium free seltzer water.

The effects of this water help in removing the accumulated dirt and grime on the surface of your gold rings. It is advisable of not using hot or boiling water because many a times it is observed that the gold rings contains fragile precious stones. Opals, and expensive stones can even crack due to the extreme temperature of water.

Dip the gold jewelry into the solution prepared. Allow your gold rings to settle in the water say for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. As the gold rings will be soaked into the water, it will start reacting with it and it will start making its way into the curves and cracks observed in your ring.

It works best for reaching those buildups that are hard to clean by using the art tools. Start scrubbing and cleaning your gold ring gently by using a soft bristle tooth brush. Scrub each and every piece of gold ring. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the crannies and nooks where the possibility of accumulated dirt is observed. It is advisable of using a soft brush bristle so that it doesn’t damage your gold ring and the precious stones attached to it. Stiff bristle can scratch the upper surface of your gold ring. Chances of even peeling and damaging the gold layer are possible if you are using a stiff brush.

Special types of brushes are designed for cleaning the gold jewelry. Now it is time to rinse the gold rings, it is advisable of rinsing it on running warm water. A good rinsing process will help you in removing the lingering dirt that has been loosened by applying the solution. If you are cleaning your gold ring in a sink, make sure to cover the outlet for not letting any precious part of your ring flow away.

Let the gold ring set on the towel for some time for air drying it totally before you start wearing it again. It is not advisable of wearing your gold ring if it is wet because it will attract moisture that will affect your skin.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring by using Ammonia

Gold ring cleaned by using Ammonia

Ammonia used for cleaning gold ring

Ammonia is a powerful solution but chemically it can be treated as caustic in nature. If planning of cleaning your gold rings more often by using ammonia, you should avoid this treatment. Because using it more can cause damaging effects to your gold rings. Well, ammonia works as good candidate for deep cleaning that too occasionally.

Ammonia is sometimes harsh to the jewelry, so there are chances of damaging certain metals. If you gold ring contains the elements of platinum and pearls, not using ammonia is advisable for cleaning your gold rings. Take a bowl and add Luke warm water say for six parts. Add one part of ammonia to it and stir it well. For having an even mixture, stir the prepared solution gently.

Soak the gold rings into the solution prepared for no more than one minute. Don’t let the gold ring settle in ammonia for longer time because it can damage the shine and finishing. Ammonia can slightly be corrosive in nature. For quickly removing the gold rings from the solution m, use a kitchen strainer as you use it while cooking pasta. Rinse the gold ring under the running water but don’t for get to cover the drainage pipe with the help of lid. Make a use of soft polishing cloth and allow having an air dry.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring using tooth paste

Tooth paste used for cleaning gold ring

Gold ring cleaning – tooth paste

It is advisable of following this method of cleaning your gold ring tooth paste with proper care. Because it might be possible that it can damage or scratch your gold ring. As it is the form of chemical that cleans your teeth. It might leave a firm stain on the gold and stones attached to it. If you are still in doubt, it is advisable of trying a gentler method instead of following this way of cleaning your gold ring.

Take a bowl, mix a small quantity of water and tooth paste. Squeeze about an inch of tooth paste into a bowl and mix one or two tablespoon of water in it. Make it a fine and light paste. It helps in loosing up the grimes and layer of dirt accumulated on the top surface of your gold ring. Using this way of cleaning your gold ring in a frequent manner will not at all damage you gold ring. But it is advisable of cleaning it quickly while performing it. Scrub it well before you start rinsing it.

Make the use of an old brush and scrub gently on the surface of the ring. If you notice any scratches, stop immediately for not damaging your gold ring more. Rinse with generous amount of running water because many a times it becomes difficult to remove the tooth paste used for cleaning your gold rings.

Tips To Choose A Platinum Ring

September 22nd, 2016 by G S
Choosing platinum-ring

Selecting platinum-ring

Platinum is considered as the king of metals. This is because platinum has a special type of allure and also it is very rare, very pure and very much enduring. This fact is of course true but still all the platinum is not equal and also the craftsmanship of all the platinum is not the same. Thus you need to be careful while choosing a platinum ring. There are various types of platinum rings available in the market like platinum rings for men, platinum rings for women and platinum rings for couple. It depends upon the occasion as to which type of platinum ring to opt for. Platinum rings with diamond are very much in trend. You need to be very much careful while selecting platinum rings as platinum ring prices are very much high and you don’t want to regret after making wrong choice and paying higher price for the wrong choice. Here are some of the useful tips of choosing a platinum ring of higher quality.

  • Know the quality content of your ring

Just like the other metals, platinum should also be alloyed with other metal for getting the hardness needed for making any jewelry. A ring which is made of 80% of platinum and 20% of any other metal will worth a lot less as compared to that of a ring made of 95% of pure platinum and 5% of any other metal.

  • Check for the hallmark in the inside part of the ring

Federal regulations are very much strict and they need all platinum bands to have a hallmark or stamp on the inner side of the band. Thus before buying any platinum ring, you must see for this hallmark. If it says 90Plat/lr or IridPlat then the ring is only 90% of the pure platinum and rest 10% is of other metal and thus you should pay fewer prices as compared to that of 95 % of the platinum ring. If the hallmark says 95plat or Plat then the ring is said to be pure platinum and it will be having a premium price.

  • Ask the jeweler about the alloy being used in the platinum ring

If you are opting for a pure platinum ring then it must be alloyed with cobalt metal or ruthenium metal. These alloys will generate harder platinum which can hold a mirror bright polish and it can combat with years of daily wear or daily usage. Many of the 95 pure platinum rings are alloyed with less costly metal iridium but such types of rings are soft and these will become dull and scratched in a period of one year of daily use.

  • Find a master platinum smith

You must make proper research and find an ultra-specialist smith who is focused on handcrafting and designing jewelry in platinum. Working with platinum metal is extremely difficult. This metal will not melt till it reaches the temperature 3223 degree unlike gold which melts at a temperature of 1700 degree. The tools required to work with platinum are also totally different. Thus there are very few smiths who can work very beautifully with platinum along with all this challenges which this metal brings along with it.

  • Check for quality handcrafting in engraving, pave, filigree and other details

Platinum rings are available in plenty of designs with different details to fit in with personal tastes and choices. Such details might consists engraving, deep cuts in the platinum which forms a design. Certain jewelry manufacturers select to imitate hand engraving by embedding design into the casting of the ring. Such prefabricated engraving will eventually wear off with usage and will lose its luster beauty. Thus, before buying your platinum ring look for intricate and deep hand graving which can last for generations without losing its beauty and charm. If you want the best quality platinum ring then make sure that any filigree in the platinum ring is properly handcrafted. One of the other popular platinum ring options is bezel set with pave. This refers to the border of the metal usually set with small diamonds which accent the center stone and can make it look larger. Bezel setting with pave needs very much specific expertise and talent. Appropriate setting will make sure that the focus is on sparkle of diamonds and not on the platinum prone which holds the stone. Noticing these small things will make sure to get a right platinum ring to last for the long years to come.

  • Match your ring to your lifestyle

If glamour and high style statement are priorities in your life then you must opt for showstopper which is loaded with artistry and a large center stone. If mountain climbing is the thing you are into then don’t go for the delicate pave and opt for platinum design with low silhouette which is one which doesn’t elevate the middle stone so that it doesn’t get banged around on the rocks. You can also go for substantial platinum bands having unique engravings which look fashionable and still they are very much practical. The main is that your ring should fit into your lifestyle for your own comfort and style. Many of them are comfortable with beautiful platinum band with an intricate floral design while some of them will be diverted towards a classic piece with single center stone and filigree or even the famous three stone look with specific engraving in it. Anyways these rings will be wearied for many years to come. Avoid those rings which are having ultra-modern designs and which will look outdated in some years.

  • Choose style that looks best on your hand

When you are done with keeping some sorted things aside, it’s now the time to pick one among all. Based on your lifestyle and comfort, choose that one platinum rings which looks best on your hand. If you have small hand then go for something delicate as big patterns will not suit your hand and if you have a big hand then go for some bold patterns as it will be perfect for your hand.

Ways To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Band

August 2nd, 2016 by G S

Perfect wedding bandWedding band is by far the most important band in your entire life. You have bought many different types of bands in your life but they don’t hold the importance as that of wedding band. It is the band you are going to wear for the rest of your life and it’s a symbol of your love. Thus you don’t want to make any mistake while picking your perfect wedding band. Picking your perfect wedding band is really very important for you as you don’t want to make the wrong choices and then regret it later. Wedding band is gesture of love and you want it to be the best piece of jewelry in your entire life. That’s the reason why it is very important to pick the perfect wedding band. Here are some of the ways to pick your perfect wedding band.


  • Narrow down your choices

Well it is one of those few pieces of jewelry if not the only piece of jewelry which you will have it on for the rest of your life. It would be really advisable to make some of the preliminary choices before you hit the jewelry stores to pick your perfect wedding band. Before you pick your perfect wedding band, make the choice whether you want your wedding band of the same metal as to that of your engagement ring? Is your partner interested in matching the wedding band with his watch? Are you interested in picking your perfect wedding band to be simple? Do you want to pick your perfect wedding band to be over the top or something new trendy and unique? Are you interested in having any diamonds or gemstones while picking your perfect wedding band? Are you interesting in matching them with one another? Ask yourself such questions and figure what kind of band you would consider while picking your perfect wedding band and what you actually want. These can also save from confusion when you actually hit the shops and pick your perfect wedding band.

  • Consider buying band and ring together

Wedding bandsIf you want to be surprised with your engagement ring which is already on your finger, this is not going to work. Instead of having surprise it would probably more beneficial for you to have it on your finger already and then choose as to which wedding band will go well with your engagement ring. Just say for example if you have unique engagement ring then a no fuss band will go well with it. Whereas if you have a classic solitaire engagement ring then it would be perfect with some added sparkle of diamond pave band. Also give a thought on how the rings touch. If you are thinking to wear your engagement ring and wedding band altogether 24/7 then you should go for a shadow band or a contour. Ask your jeweler to find something which can go with your engagement ring. You can even go for buying it both at the same time.

  • Start searching early

Once you have the basic idea as to which type you want to pick your prefect wedding band for, now it’s the time for little fun and trials. Start search to pick your perfect wedding band before at least two or three months. As picking your perfect wedding band is not that easy and you cannot take spot decision as it is really very important. Take your time and browse different types of wedding bands and also have a check on various prices and also visit those bands again which catches your eye. If your heart falls for custom rings then you will need even more time. Also consider those extra time for engraving in mind as it can also take up one month.

  • Mix it up

Don’t freak out if you pick your perfect wedding band of platinum metal and you partner likes to opt for yellow gold. There is no hard and fast rule which specifies that you and your partner have to choose the wedding band of same metal or even same style. You can go for braided bands for picking your perfect wedding band as it will blend the two metals with each other and it will just be on a whole totally different. The most important factor in picking perfect wedding band is to go for the one which reflects your individual styles. Whatever decision you arrive, some of the aspects of the ring should be such which should match and make it feel like a true pair.

  • Set a budget

Before you go for any assumption of budget, make up your mind and think that you will spend about 3% of your total wedding budget on your wedding band. Decide a reasonable budget and don’t keep it too high because despite of the fact how much high you have kept you are definitely going to surpass it. Of course while picking your perfect wedding band you need to have a budget which is flexible. But it is not fair to spend a fortune while picking your perfect wedding band. And that if you want your ring to be personalized then the cost can be higher and having embellishments and other things added can cost you even more and hence while picking your perfect wedding band, keep all this things in mind.

  • Keep in mind your lifestyle

What is the meaning of buying highly expensive wedding band when it doesn’t even comfortable in use and you have to remove very often. It will be really irritating and if you have a plan of wearing it on regular basis then it cannot be possible. Hence when you are picking your perfect wedding band, keep in mind your lifestyle, the type of work you do and then go on with choosing the band. Make sure it is comfortable with you or else you will not be able to cherish its wear.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Wedding Band For Men

July 18th, 2016 by G S

Mens wedding bandWhen we discuss about the wedding bands, the thought is always about getting the perfect band for the bride. This is definitely not fair enough. If there so much of exciting about choosing wedding band for bride then why it is not for then men. Men’s also has the same privilege as that of women. Choosing the perfect wedding band for men should be given equal importance as that for women. Wedding bands are important in both men’s and women’s life and hence equal emphasis should be given while choosing the perfect wedding band for men also. Men also wear the ring and cherish it for the rest of his life. It is a symbol of love for him also and hence proper care and focus should be given while choosing the wedding band for men. We all have lots of idea and suggestions about the wedding band of women but enough of it let’s have some knowledge about choosing the wedding band for men and make him happy and satisfied. Here are some of the tips for choosing the perfect wedding band for men.

  • Setting a budget

Talking about choosing wedding band for men and putting budget in between is really not something which is romantic but it is important. Before you go shopping and choosing the perfect wedding band for men, it is very important to have an estimated budget. Determining a budget will help you a lot while choosing wedding band for men. It will make the process much easier and it will also cut down the frustration you get when you fall in love with a band and realize at the end that it is way more out of what you can afford. Of course budget is not at all an issue if you have a huge balance in your bank account and can spend even a fortune while choosing wedding band for men. There are no hard and fast rules that you should stick to your budget only there can little high and lows but having a budget can give you an idea as to what is your limit.

  • Consider lifestyle of men

Wedding band for menIt is very important to consider that lifestyle of men while choosing wedding band for men. If the man is in some kind of labor intensive or challenging job then he must be in need of some strong and sturdy metal which will not be damaged while he is at work. Likewise if the man is having hobbies of woodworking or playing football or such other games on the weekend then you might choose wedding band for men which can take up some punishments without getting damaged. Here is a list of metals which will guide as to which type of metal to pick while choosing a perfect wedding band for men.

  • Silver – Silver is considered as one of the popular options for choosing wedding band for men. It is popular along with being less expensive. But silver is not a kind of metal which is much durable. Thus if your men is indulged into some hard work and have such hard hobbies or passion then silver is not the thing to be chosen while picking wedding band for men and instead you should for something which is more durable.
  • Gold – Gold is more popular option for choosing wedding band for men. More preferable is low carat gold wedding band for men as compared to high carat as low carat gold ring is more durable in comparison with the high one.
  • Platinum – Platinum is such a metal which is highly durable and along with being durable it is also highly expensive. Platinum wedding band for men is a good choice as it looks classy and is also durable but it is quite heavy and some of them find it uncomfortable and hence check the comfort level of your men and then go for buying platinum wedding band for men.
  • Tungsten – Tungsten is not much popular but now a days it becoming very much popular and in trend. These wedding bands for men are appropriate as they are light weighted, affordable and also durable. But make sure to choose the proper alloy so that it is more resistant to scratches.
  • Taste of the men and his personality

Men is going to wear his wedding band for the rest of his life and thus it is appropriate to buy wedding according to his own taste and personality. There are many men’s who chooses to wear plain wedding band as they give a nice style statement and are also suitable in all types of occasions. Add a single diamond or ruby to the plain ring and whole look of the wedding band will be taken to a whole higher level. There are also certain men are who likes wedding bands to be flashier and more highlighting stones. It is all matter of taste and choice. Thus know the taste and personality of your men and choose the wedding band for men according to that.

  • Ring of men and women must complement each other

Just like the men and women go well with each other, their wedding bands should also be such which goes with each other well. The metal, styles, choice of stones should be complementary to each other and should also be harmonious. Now this does not mean that wedding band for men should be the male version of women wedding band is, it means both the rings must go well with each other even though they are different.

  • Who buys wedding band for men

There are no hard and fast rules as to who buys wedding band for men. Bride is one who knows groom very well and hence she can take the initiative and buy the wedding band for men. Even men and women can go altogether for buying wedding bands for each other. This would be more convenient option as here both can see what is more comfortable and convenient and also have a check as whether both the bands goes well with each other or not.

4 Things to Consider while Buying Platinum Jewelry

June 10th, 2016 by Prada

Things to Consider while Buying Platinum JewelryWe all know that one of the most expensive and elite type of metal which you can go for is platinum. Platinum is considered to be most expensive because of its features which it gives to the consumers. Don’t forget that it is more expensive than gold. In simple words you can call it as also white gold which you can take the access over from the market. Many of the retails have now started going for getting in to purchasing and selling the platinum jewelry and not only that but with the increasing trend many of the consumers are in actual feel and get mesmerized by the charm of it. But there are many things which you must take in to account while buying platinum jewelry. Now the middle class people can also go for affording the platinum jewelry because the concept in no more new and are largely accepted by the people.

As stated that there are many things to be considered while platinum jewelry because it is considered to be costly enough for getting it purchased. More amount of your investment is going to be spent on purchasing it for your matters. So it is advisable to go for and think for many aspects while buying platinum jewelry. For instance let me help you out with some the things which you must keep in mind while buying platinum jewelry like the costing and the pricing, keep that thing in mind that it is not considered as one of the jewelry which is going to provide you with the returns, the buyback scheme, etc. and many more the things which is considered while buying platinum jewelry for you. The further discussion will help you in getting all the ideas rearing the things to be considered while buying platinum jewelry.

Things to be considered while buying platinum jewelry

  • Check for the certification

Things to Consider while Buying Platinum JewelryOne of the most important things which you need to consider and take in to account while buying platinum jewelry is its verification and the certification which is being provided by the retailers to the customers. The metal which you are purchasing is the matters because it is considered to be pure, and the price which you are paying is for its purity which is being decided with the help of the hallmark provided and embossed on the jewelry. Well, these hallmarks which are being embossed by the retailers are different for different countries, so it is more advisable to have the look at it. Not only has that but the hallmarking of gold and platinum jewelry been also very much different which represents its specification and difference between the two. It is very important to go for certification because it is considered to be the proof that your platinum jewelry which you are going for is 100% genuine and perfect to purchase.

  • It is not considered as investment

If you are thinking of going for buying platinum jewelry for the future investment than mark my words it is not considered to be good idea to go for. Platinum is not considered to be an investment. If you want to purchase for the matters of keeping your future investment in mind than you must go for gold jewelry which will help you in providing adequate amount of returns when you will sell it off. Consumption of platinum is not as much as compared to the gold and silver in the market. So when you want to sell up the platinum jewelry it becomes difficult to find for the purchaser who can afford it and purchase it. As we have seen in gold that people have many options to buy with like gold jewelry, bars, biscuits but where as in the situation of platinum, there is no such option is available and so it becomes compulsion for the people of going for buying platinum jewelry only.

  • Keeping making charges in mind

Making charges are considered to be that amount which you need to pay for the labor works which have done for the matters of preparing platinum jewelry. This thing you need to keep in to account while buying platinum jewelry that the higher amount of platinum jewelry you are going for, the higher amount of making charges you are require to pay for. well, there are many reason for this higher amount of making charges like platinum is considered to be the hard metal which needs many as well as stronger machines and tools which can help the workers in melting platinum. Not only is that but the platinum material being imported from different countries which can charge up the excise duty on it or the importing duties too. These reasons make it harder and higher amount of which you can go for.

  • To know about the buyback scheme

Having the buyback scheme is considered to be important to note down by the buyer because it will be considered to be beneficial to the buyers only. If you want to change up certain parts of your platinum jewelry with the other precious metals, than this buyback scheme criteria gives you and provide you with this matter and option. You can go for this scheme or option if you have your receipt with you at the time of going for buying back the metal. You can go for exploring this option with the help of the receipt and the certification which have been attested to you when you went for buying up the platinum jewelry. Well, it is more advisable to go with the same jeweler whereby you have purchased up the platinum jewelry, and you can get the benefits of getting back the full amount which is according to the weight which is being taken at the time of buying platinum jewelry. Not this but there are many other things which you need to take in to account at the time of buying platinum jewelry because we are not going to buy such precious things or metals again and again.


How To Care For Your Jewelry

May 31st, 2016 by G S

Caring for jewelryIf you are having a fine jewelry then it can last for your lifetime. But you do wear it on regular base and hence to do some care for your jewelry so that it keeps on looking good. But caring for your jewelry is not an easy thing and hence you need to see the proper steps and then you should start with the work. Without proper guidance it might be possible that you damage the jewelry instead of caring for your jewelry. Here are some of the guidelines which would be useful to you while you are caring for your jewelry.

Jewelry is such a thing which is weared by millions of people on a regular base but only some of them actually think about caring for your jewelry and take measures as to how to preserve it by using some of the simple tricks and planning. Here are some of the basic things which are to be considered while wearing the jewelry. These things are important if you want to care for your jewelry.

If you really want to care for your jewelry then you need to put off your jewelry during tasks. When you are doing any task manually, you need to remove your jewelry so that you can avoid physical damage or cleaning fluid or any kind of exposure to chemicals. If you really want to care for your jewelry then you need to stay away from certain works while you are wearing jewelry like gardening, cleaning the house, kitchen work and such other work. This would help caring for your jewelry and also protect and maintain it for a longer period of time.

One of the another important tip which should be considered if you want to care for your jewelry then it is that you should put on your jewelry only after applying the make-up. The stuff you use for your makeup like lotion, hair spray, perfumes, cosmetics and such other things have chemicals which can usually damage your jewelry and it is not good. Thus try to avoid it if you want to care for your jewelry. If you put on your jewelry after putting on your makeup then it will probably lessen up the chances of your jewelry getting damaged through these things. Exposure of chemicals on your jewelry will be less and potential damage to your jewelry will also be less.

If you are agenda of caring for your jewelry then don’t wear it when you are spas and swimming pools. These places have chlorinated water which can react with the metal which is placed in the jewelry which can result changing the color and also having some structural changes in your jewelry. Thus, if you really want to care for your jewelry then avoid wearing it in such places where the possibility of damage is higher. There are also chances of losing your jewelry in such places, hence by removing your jewelry in such places you will also be away from the risk of losing it.

Another important tip if you want to care for your jewelry is to remove it if you are indulged in any type of sports. There are many chances of your jewelry getting damaged if you put it on while you are playing any sports or any such games. Thus, if you really want to care for your jewelry then don’t forget to remove it before the play begins.

Taking precautions while wearing your jewelry is not just enough to care for your jewelry, cleaning them is also an important and inseparable part of caring for your jewelry. For those people who are habituated to wear jewelry on regular basis, it becomes a necessity for them to keep it clean and good looking and this can some effort.

One of the other tips which might help you to care for your jewelry is to take it off before you go for a bath. Remove all your jewelry before you go for a shower or cleaning. While you are bathing, you use soap which has film which causes foam and it can cause your jewelry you jewelry dull and dingy. If you can stop this film to come in contact with your jewelry you can save much of you bucks and also prevent your jewelry from servicing and get it shine back. Servicing brings back the shine but it also takes some of your gold out of your jewelry making it little less worthy.

Caring for your jewelry is not an easy task to do and hence if you really want to do you can use a jewelry polishing cloth for getting the best result out of your jewelry cleaning task. You can make use of an old diaper or svelte but using the professional clothes is the best alternative for cleaning and caring for your jewelry. If you are using paper towels or tissue then you might be aware that it can cause scratches due to presence of fibers in these products.

It is important that while you are caring for your jewelry you must do it with care. Cleaning your jewelry on regular basis might make it look more beautiful but you need to be careful enough. You can either go for professional cleaning solution or you can make your own cleaning solution. Rubbing alcohol can also create a magic but using bleach for cleaning your jewelry is a big no. Thus it can be really dangerous and harmful for your jewelry so avoid it any cost.

If you really want to be precise while caring for your jewelry, then use warm water while cleaning it. This can avoid discoloration of jewelry and it is really good for cleaning your jewelry.


Prettiest Body Jewelry for Women

May 25th, 2016 by Prada

Jewelry is considered to be the most amazing thing which every women would not be able to resist themselves of wearing it. I know we all have that fantasy of wearing the most beautiful jewelry but have you ever noticed that there are many types of body jewelry for women which are available in the market. Taking from the anklets to the body chains which makes you look not only beautiful but way more stylish which you are actually meant of looking for. There is much prettiest body jewelry for women whom they can go for when they are planning for getting their entire beauty look more gorgeous and unique. Well, if you will ask me than I can say that body jewelry for women is going to change the look as well as will increase up the scenario of the style statement which they want to show up to the world.

The further discussion will help you in not only getting you the information of the body jewelry for women but will also make you known to the best type of jewelry which will be more suitable to you. There are many options with the purchaser for the matters of dealing with body jewelry for women, like Armlet, hand chain, anklet or foot chain, etc. and many more of body jewelry for women, which can help you in getting all the things which is to be done on the best place when you are planning of buying it for you.

Prettiest body jewelry for women

  • Armlet

ArmletWell, if you will ask me than there are many options and categories with the women when it comes for the matters of getting the body jewelry for women. The further discussion will help you in knowing it more about the body jewelry for women. Let us start up with the jewelry called armlet. Well in simple words we can say that, the most simple and elegant look which you can get at the time of wearing body jewelry for women. Weather it is thin or thin, it is made up of metal, or any other metal, it is going to look very much beautiful on you when you will wear it. You can also take the help of geometric designs or get the embroidery being more beautiful on your arms when you are going to wear it. You can wear it with maxi or sleeveless tops which will look something different and unique when you will wear it.

  • Hand Chain

hand chain

Well, as we are discussing about the hand chain, then let me tell you that the origin of hand chain is being given by the Indian culture. In Indian culture it is considered to be the hathphool which the brides use to wear in their wedding. But as we can see the styling and the trend has been changed and here comes the invention of body jewelry for women which includes the hand chain. Well, if you will ask me than in accordance to my views, for me hand chain is one of the mine most favorite because it look very beautiful when it comes to get the time of decorating yourself. There are many different patterns available in the market which you can go for at the time of going for the body jewelry for women. Not only that but it can be considered best, if you are thinking of going to make it as one of your daily wear. It can also be considered one of the eye catching jewelry which you will wear up.

  • Anklet or Foot Chain

Anklet or Foot ChainEveryone wants to become more romantic when you are passing through the beach way right? Well, for this you can definitely try to go for the anklets, or the foot chains which are available in the market. It looks very romantic and the best thing which you can go for at the time of deciding the body jewelry for women. Just imagine when you are having the cozy walk on the soft sand with your husband is the best thing which you can try up with the help of wearing foot chain. There are many different patterns available in it like you can go for simple chains or either you can go for the many chains in one which looks very much elegant and sensuous for the summer. You might be thinking that it is only going to suit up on the skirts or maxis but you are wrong, you can wear it on the way you want to because it is definitely going to take the pace which will increase your look as well as the beauty of it which is suiting totally on you.

  • Leg chain or thigh chains

thigh chainWell as we are discussing about the body jewelry for women than how can we forget of adding leg chain or the thigh chains to add up in the categories. I know you might have seen the trend which has been set up for the matters of decorating or clothing up your legs with the help of the thigh chain. It takes you outfit and the dressing style to another level which is going to not only change up your dressing sense but it will provide you with beautiful charm which is going to get all the eyes attracting towards you. I know it becomes very difficult for the women to go with or selecting body jewelry for women. If you are thinking of getting a long vacation than you must definitely go for this thing because it is not only going to increase the look but you can definitely go for the different things to try with. Well, I hope that you will be able to find out your best thing which you want to go for on your body. Getting all the information is definitely going to increase up the things which you want to wear when it comes for the body jewelry for women.

Do And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewelry

May 16th, 2016 by G S

Wedding jewelryIt is said that your dress makes your wedding. If you think this is right then hear this, if dresses the thing which makes your wedding right then jewelry is the thing which makes your dress right. Wedding is truly incomplete without jewelry. As we all know jewelry is inevitable part of wedding, many of the times we over do with our jewelry and it ruins the show. Wedding jewelry is such a thing which if done in right manner can make wedding wonders and if done in a wrong manner can make bridal blunders. Thus be choosy and careful while picking up your wedding jewelry. It is said that wedding jewelry is the, most auspicious jewelry in the life of a girl and thus make this auspicious wedding jewelry right and memorable for you. Its only one time a girl can be a bride and have such dreams about this day and having wrong wedding jewelry is totally like a scary dream to a girl. Thus don’t think way too much negative, you have all the information about the wedding jewelry and do and don’ts about it in this article which will make your wedding wonder and keep you away from bridal blunders.

  • Do mix borrowed wedding jewelry with the new one

In the past and before long time ago there was a time where the trend was everything matching matching. But in today’s time, matching is so more outdated and boring. To look really trendy and of today’s time, the trick is to express your style in a real cohesive manner. The time is of mix and matching instead of matching. Of course the finish should be similar but this does not restrict you from mixing up your wedding jewelry. Make sure that mixing up your wedding jewelry is of the general shape and era and echo of your wedding jewelry is of the same tone. You have the perfect chance of blending of your borrowed thing with the new one. You can have your grandma’s vintage brooch or you can have your mom’s old bracelet and mix those stuff with your style and your new collections and it will give a great impact on your wedding jewelry and attire.

  • Don’t put on necklace with this trend

Necklace is so old fashioned. If you are wearing a one shouldered beautiful long gown then it is a style statement in itself. Adding a glamorous necklace as your wedding jewelry to your perfectly perfect attire is an obvious no. This type of wedding jewelry on this type on attire will not suit with each other. This will ruin the entire look of the line of the gown and the flow of others eyes to your face and along with that it will also look imbalanced. Instead of opting for necklace, you should probably go for a pair of earrings as your wedding jewelry and a bold cuff.

  • Bring your head piece while trying on your earrings

If you are including a head piece as your wedding jewelry then try and keep it on while you are selecting your earrings as head piece affects a lot on the kind of earrings you put on as your wedding jewelry. You have to every add on very carefully as you have add to your beauty and not to create competition among your wedding jewelry. When you have one thing in bold try and keep other jewelry pieces light and pretty.

  • Don’t put on a watch

While wedding we all have a certain schedule to keep. But wedding is your big day so you better skip the watch and leave the issue and boredom of timing on others. Just think of all the pictures you are going to have and there a watch in the close up of those pictures. How uncool a watch will look in a wedding jewelry? A shining and shimmery bracelet would be a better option as a wedding jewelry rather than putting on a watch. Watch looks very elegant but wedding is not a day of being elegant it is the day of embracing the beauty to its optimum level.

  • Mix finishes: ring has its own separate entity

Don’t pay attention to your wedding ring. While selecting your wedding jewelry, all you need to pay focus on is your skin tone or your attire. While picking up your wedding jewelry pay focus on the trend and color of your gown or color of embellishments on it and not on the wedding ring. Don’t try to select such wedding jewelry which goes with your wedding band and not with your whole outlook.

  • Don’t over-accessorize

In order to have the best and perfect wedding jewelry, several times you have all the best things and put on all of them altogether which looks really bold and a bit too much. This will totally ruin your style statement. In today’s time less is more. You can have one of your jewelry to look bold and settle other parts of your wedding jewelry to be minute and balancing. If you want to be on the safer side while choosing your wedding jewelry, having earrings and bracelet combo is the best. It will go on any kind of attire without looking too much.

  • Give yourself enough time

Wedding jewelry is too much focused on the accessory and because of it some of the integral and important parts are compromised. Shoes, handbags and hairs are some of the things which are very much important for the wedding apart from the wedding jewelry. Try and fix up all the things like your hairs, your dress, and your wedding jewelry before three months of the wedding so that you can have enough time for trial and making any changes in it if something goes wrong. Make several trials before wedding and make sure everything blends in with each other in a proper and beautiful manner.